My Father

I'm proud to say that God has blessed with a phenomenal father. And that's no secret. The people around me know that.

He is the kind of father who washes his son's car on Father's Day; who brings his daughter and her friend out to spend the day at two malls on Father's Day; who refuses to eat the fried calamari he secretly relishes simply because he knows his kids love it; who encourages his daughter to purchase more books despite purchasing a book the day before; who is willing to loiter around the mall for hours whilst his daughter and company camp at the bookstore for hours on end; who is delighted to bring his daughter to places even though he is weary; who spoils his kids unconsciously; who inadvertently forgets his own birthday but remembers his son's; who is funny beyond measure and yet not realise it; who can only rest after thanking his kids for their treat to a meek dinner a thousand times; who appreciates simple gestures from his kids like a terse Father's Day wish; who is 57 and buys sleeveless sport shirts (see picture below) for gym use; and who does all the aforementioned in a single day -today. Imagine how great the love of my father on earth is every other day.

My father's signature sleeping manner when in close proximity with a sofa.

A righteous man walks in integrity. Blessed are his children after him. Proverbs 20:7

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