Marathon Madness

Yesterday, I watched two movies with two awesome friends at the mall. It seemed that we were on a movie marathon. We were...until we returned home. The friend who came home with me and I discussed something of extreme importance. The discussion was a huge eye-opener and lasted much longer than we would have thought. The imperative discussion completely sobered us up and made us realise something crucial. Now we're on the track of another kind of marathon entirely -one that for some cosmic reason, amuses my mother, and entails numerous self-talks, cups of tea round the clock and fridge magnets. Oh boy.

Today, I went to the morning market my church was organising as a fund-raiser for the new church building. I persuaded my mother to join me as I might not be able to spend all the coupons -which were a lot. And boy was I glad that my mother tagged along because I only spent 5 coupons on a gigantic world map (which is rather swell) while my mother merrily spent the other 400 coupons on soap (!) and 95 coupons on kitchenware. Well, now our toiletry supply, namely soap, is covered until the next lifetime.

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