Fun With Words

I took time off from my busy schedule of nothing today and did this with Wordle:

The more frequent the words are used in the text, the more prominent the words are. The text in question is the 1300-word essay I wrote last year when I had a bout of temporary insanity.

And the above is an essay I wrote a few weeks back for an English assignment entitled How I Want My Future to Be. I went to great pains to vomit the words out as I had a tough time envisioning how I'd wanted my future to be. Thus, it is pretty embarrassing for anyone else to read besides my cousin sister (actually, I was forced to let her read it), the teacher (ditto), and myself. However, it isn't as embarrassing when in a disorganised state. Unless you would like to blackmail me in the future, you can actually attempt -though quite impossibly- to rewrite the whole essay with reference to the words and its prominence as shown above. But all the best with that.

I think the creator, Jonathan Feinberg, is one nifty dude. I might post more of these, simply because they're intriguing. Try it.

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