Four Parts

Part 1: The alarm didn't ring this morning. I distinctly remember setting it but it didn't ring -or it did, but I unconsciously switched it off. Thankfully, my mother rapped on my bedroom door shortly after the appointed time. I had fifteen minutes to spare before school begun. Alarmed (pardon the pun), I jumped out of bed, rushed like a mad woman to make it in time for school and made it.

Part 2: Tomorrow would be the school's Report Card Day during which the students' parents meet up with the teachers to discuss the students' performance in the recent mid-term examination and decide whether to smack their kids or smack their kids twice. (Just kidding.) As usual, my parents will not be going to school tomorrow to collect my Report Card because they are utterly dismayed by my deteriorating grades and would rather wallop me at home instead of in clear view of my fellow schoolmates and teachers. It spares me from public humiliation, see. (Kidding, again.) Truth be told, my father will not be able to make it because he has work to attend to. Ditto my mother as she has something on then as well. But my parents are nothing but supportive. Report Card Days are pretty dour from past experiences (2 out of 8 times) so I've got nothing to fret about.

Part 3: Moreover, I got an email reply today from an author I emailed last night. So far, I've emailed four authors. And so far, I've received four respective replies. Sweet.

Part 4: Shockingly, a school teacher's pouch was stolen recently. She pleaded in an irate tone during assembly for the diabolical student-who-has-a-part-time-job-as-a-professional-thief to return it to her, particularly her pen drive which is her "life", even if the thief would very much enjoy the RM200 in her pouch. Wow, I wonder what's going to be stolen next. I hope it's the keyring in my bag I've been trying to get rid of for a year now.

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