Coincidental Crimes

Funny thing happened today. A camera belonging to a school photographer was stolen in school today -during Chemistry period; the same period my handphone had been stolen last week. Since it is highly valuable school property, a spot-check was warranted. The camera is still undiscovered. About 10 handphones were confiscated and a gracious teacher called for me to have a look at them to check if my stolen one was among them. It wasn't. I wasn't disappointed. And I'd just like to thank the friends who are prefects for watching out for my handphone whilst conducting the spot-check and informing the teacher about it (even though I distinctly told them not to) to allow me to see if mine was found.

In other news, the Modern Mathematics quiz for the district level is tomorrow. The other school representative informed me about it last week but, what do you know, it completely slipped out of my mind. Suffice to say, I don't even have to explain how badly I'll do tomorrow.

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