Click 101

The T-shirts are finally done and I got to see the finishing products today. They are looking pretty awesome and I am satisfied with how it turned out despite some minor flaws...which are unintentionally "art", as a friend has cleverly explained.

With more than a stroke of luck, I think, the two friends who are crazy about The Click Four and are going to their concert in Genting this Saturday have each won 4 free concert passes albeit they have already purchased their exorbitant V.I.P. passes ages ago. So there are 8 free passes for the taking of none right now. A friend and I are considering joining them now even though another two friends can't make it and we don't fancy The Click Three at all.

The following (paraphrased) conversation just proves how cool my mother is and how uncool I am:

Justine: Can I join them for The Click Seven concert this Saturday?
Mother of Justine: No. What would you be doing while they're at the concert then?
Justine: Suffer through the screams of hordes of females.
Mother of Justine: What? Why?
Justine: They've won 8 free concert tickets.
Mother of Justine: Really? I want to go as well! Can you please ask them for 2 tickets?
Justine: What! Why?
Mother of Justine: I like their songs and the lead singer's voice. I like them. I want to watch them live.

And this is the point where I try to reason with her because I am positive that there will only be deafening clamour throughout the whole concert. We finally concluded that she couldn't go because it was on such short notice and all the rooms in Genting are fully booked by now. And I would have to bring a sleeping bag to crash at the friend's hotel room.

I'm still pondering as to whether I should go, just for kicks. And just for the opportunity to go somewhere this holidays.

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