Bear the Consequences

I noticed today that my sarcasm has rubbed off a little on a friend of mine. I'm proud.

I wagged school today because as aforementioned in the post yesterday, my parents would not be attending the Report Card Day today and there was no reason for me to be in school. Apparently, I wasn't the only one whose parents didn't attend the foreboding occasion. I found out earlier today that the majority of the class was absent and the principal had asked for the names of the students who weren't in school today -presumably to punish us tomorrow. We are going to be in hot soup tomorrow but I just hope the soup has some pepper in it and a nice flavour to it. Or at least is lukewarm.

Jocularity aside, I have mulled over it and came up with a few worst-case scenarios which might take place tomorrow:
a) Scrubbing the toilet floor -very necessary anyway
b) Lambasting -no biggie; suffered through 10 strokes back in middle school
c) Social work: High school version -would be no different than any other week
d) Penalty points -would not look good on résumé, if there will be one
e) Amputation of finger(s) -would probably hurt
f) Suspension -would not complain (much)
g) Expulsion -would personally chop off all of my fingers; maybe with a little help for the ones on the other hand


Azngeek said...

When did the term wagging become common place slang in Malaysia. I must be getting old.

Justine said...

Nah, you're not old. I just use it without realising that it is actually a British slang. Haha. Sorry! "I ponteng-ed school!" :D

Azngeek said...

Is it really brit? I first heard it here. ahha.

Justine said...

Haha. I didn't know that either until I searched it in the dictionary in case I used it wrongly. I first read it in a book. (Where else?) Haha.