Ah, The Irony

I cried and cried today because I stubbed my toe. Just kidding. Although, I think I had a reason to. My handphone/mobile phone/cell phone/handset got stolen at school today. I brought it to school because I had to stay back at school a while to construct the robot with my teammates and needed to contact my mother. I don't usually bring my handphone to school because it is a school violation. I only brought it today for a very valid reason and wasn't planning on using it until after school hours.

The first two class periods today had been Chemistry and my whole class shuffled to the Chemistry lab. Upon returning back to my seat in class, I discovered that the zip of the compartment on my bag in which I had kept my handphone was open. I peered inside and my handphone was AWOL. I didn't know why but I wasn't upset in the least bit. A friend surmised that it was probably my disability of expressing sadness. Anyhow, it's been said that people who've owned handphones for a while find it impossible to function normally without it even for a day. I'll see if I can.

I have to hand it to the culprit, though. Seriously. Out of all the hundreds of bags in school today, the perpetrator had the dumb luck of culling my bag to rummage through and obtaining more than said criminal bargained for. I hope the culprit has a tough time cracking the pin number on my handphone -which, trust me, isn't hard at all because I hadn't changed the extremely easy pin number set by the manufacturer since I received it. I still think the student/thief could've done a better job by zipping the compartment completely shut.

This was definitely a case of irony because some students bring their handphones to school daily but no such tragedy has befallen them thus far. Both my parents weren't mad at all -which was quite a surprise. My mother muttered something about her friend's kid losing a car, so my situation wasn't as bad. True. And my father just agreed to terminate my handphone number when I told him to before my handphone number got abused. My brother even knew how to prevent the perpetrator from even using the handphone completely on the condition that I find something that's probably been recycled by now. Aiyaya.

My only regret is not transferring the pictures on my handphone to my PDA because they are now unretractable. And I need an alarm clock from tomorrow onwards to wake up in time for school. Anyway, to the ones who usually call or text-message me on my handphone, please don't do so anymore. My handphone number is now null and void. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to delete my number now. I don't know if I'll be able to have a new one anytime soon...but I'll live.

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