Out-of-School Schedule

For the first time, I'm actually adhering to a schedule I devised for more than two hours. (I mean, I'm actually sticking to the schedule for more than two hours. Not that I hadn't taken almost two hours to formulate the schedule because I did took that long. That's how terrible I am at scheduling.) It has been a week now. Hopefully, I'll last until November. Or at least, until next week.

School today was productive and unproductive. I read my storybook for more than half the school day (productive) because most teachers weren't present or had other things to settle. Ergo, there wasn't any homework today (unproductive). But I have to admit, I would like for more school days like this.


Bear the Consequences

I noticed today that my sarcasm has rubbed off a little on a friend of mine. I'm proud.

I wagged school today because as aforementioned in the post yesterday, my parents would not be attending the Report Card Day today and there was no reason for me to be in school. Apparently, I wasn't the only one whose parents didn't attend the foreboding occasion. I found out earlier today that the majority of the class was absent and the principal had asked for the names of the students who weren't in school today -presumably to punish us tomorrow. We are going to be in hot soup tomorrow but I just hope the soup has some pepper in it and a nice flavour to it. Or at least is lukewarm.

Jocularity aside, I have mulled over it and came up with a few worst-case scenarios which might take place tomorrow:
a) Scrubbing the toilet floor -very necessary anyway
b) Lambasting -no biggie; suffered through 10 strokes back in middle school
c) Social work: High school version -would be no different than any other week
d) Penalty points -would not look good on résumé, if there will be one
e) Amputation of finger(s) -would probably hurt
f) Suspension -would not complain (much)
g) Expulsion -would personally chop off all of my fingers; maybe with a little help for the ones on the other hand


Four Parts

Part 1: The alarm didn't ring this morning. I distinctly remember setting it but it didn't ring -or it did, but I unconsciously switched it off. Thankfully, my mother rapped on my bedroom door shortly after the appointed time. I had fifteen minutes to spare before school begun. Alarmed (pardon the pun), I jumped out of bed, rushed like a mad woman to make it in time for school and made it.

Part 2: Tomorrow would be the school's Report Card Day during which the students' parents meet up with the teachers to discuss the students' performance in the recent mid-term examination and decide whether to smack their kids or smack their kids twice. (Just kidding.) As usual, my parents will not be going to school tomorrow to collect my Report Card because they are utterly dismayed by my deteriorating grades and would rather wallop me at home instead of in clear view of my fellow schoolmates and teachers. It spares me from public humiliation, see. (Kidding, again.) Truth be told, my father will not be able to make it because he has work to attend to. Ditto my mother as she has something on then as well. But my parents are nothing but supportive. Report Card Days are pretty dour from past experiences (2 out of 8 times) so I've got nothing to fret about.

Part 3: Moreover, I got an email reply today from an author I emailed last night. So far, I've emailed four authors. And so far, I've received four respective replies. Sweet.

Part 4: Shockingly, a school teacher's pouch was stolen recently. She pleaded in an irate tone during assembly for the diabolical student-who-has-a-part-time-job-as-a-professional-thief to return it to her, particularly her pen drive which is her "life", even if the thief would very much enjoy the RM200 in her pouch. Wow, I wonder what's going to be stolen next. I hope it's the keyring in my bag I've been trying to get rid of for a year now.


The Reader

I've been trying to forgo reading (storybooks) ever since my mother reported a few months ago that I had spent exactly RM1958.51 on storybooks alone in year 2007. Unsurprisingly, the arduous attempt went up in flames. However, with the onerous feat of pressing on in The Marathon That Begins With An 'N', I am honestly considering giving up reading to focus on more important things. Sadly, I got back an English exercise book in school today and I obtained an overly impressive 12 out of 25 for an English exercise. (Impressively devastating.) Clearly, it is imperative that I resume my reading habit -without even breaking it in the first place. Not that I'm kvetching.

In other blog-shattering news (well, my blog anyway), it has come to my attention that my mother reads my blog. The sinking suspicion I've been having for a while now was confirmed today. Aye. Again, not that I'm kvetching. I'm glad. This promotes a better understanding between a mother and her loony daughter and enables the mother to know every single mortifying detail about her daughter's daily rants. Aye! (And I suppose I can include my brother in this subject as well.) Welcome, mother!


Pallid Day

The Marathon commences today. My days are going to be pretty bleak from this day forth. Even the conversations I have with my brother are more interesting than any succinct description of how my day went.

Conversation 1
Brother: Did you check out my blog?
Sister: Yep.
Brother: Did you read the post about p-
Sister: Yep.
Brother: And?
Sister: Utterly pointless.
Brother: Exactly.

Conversation 2
Sister: Did you put on cologne?
Brother: Nope.
Sister: Huh.
Brother: Must be my shoes.


News Flash

This is the second post of the day. Something must definitely be up, you say. Right you are, I say. My brother has informed me today that in lieu of his ennui whilst revising for his finals, I repeat, finals, he opened up his very own blog. I was almost rendered speechless when he told me that. Almost. And I wasn't the least bit stupefied when I checked it out. The blog is pretty neat. But be warned. There may be side effects -like regret. (Just kidding.)

Knock yourself out (though not literally albeit it may be completely feasible what with the extraordinarily insightful posts):

The Blog of He-Who-Has-Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands

Note: My brother is turning 20 this year. Just keep this in mind if you're reading his posts. It helps.

Marathon Madness

Yesterday, I watched two movies with two awesome friends at the mall. It seemed that we were on a movie marathon. We were...until we returned home. The friend who came home with me and I discussed something of extreme importance. The discussion was a huge eye-opener and lasted much longer than we would have thought. The imperative discussion completely sobered us up and made us realise something crucial. Now we're on the track of another kind of marathon entirely -one that for some cosmic reason, amuses my mother, and entails numerous self-talks, cups of tea round the clock and fridge magnets. Oh boy.

Today, I went to the morning market my church was organising as a fund-raiser for the new church building. I persuaded my mother to join me as I might not be able to spend all the coupons -which were a lot. And boy was I glad that my mother tagged along because I only spent 5 coupons on a gigantic world map (which is rather swell) while my mother merrily spent the other 400 coupons on soap (!) and 95 coupons on kitchenware. Well, now our toiletry supply, namely soap, is covered until the next lifetime.


Fun With Words

I took time off from my busy schedule of nothing today and did this with Wordle:

The more frequent the words are used in the text, the more prominent the words are. The text in question is the 1300-word essay I wrote last year when I had a bout of temporary insanity.

And the above is an essay I wrote a few weeks back for an English assignment entitled How I Want My Future to Be. I went to great pains to vomit the words out as I had a tough time envisioning how I'd wanted my future to be. Thus, it is pretty embarrassing for anyone else to read besides my cousin sister (actually, I was forced to let her read it), the teacher (ditto), and myself. However, it isn't as embarrassing when in a disorganised state. Unless you would like to blackmail me in the future, you can actually attempt -though quite impossibly- to rewrite the whole essay with reference to the words and its prominence as shown above. But all the best with that.

I think the creator, Jonathan Feinberg, is one nifty dude. I might post more of these, simply because they're intriguing. Try it.


Witless Witness

During Biology period in school today, I decided to stay back in class while my other classmates headed to the Biology lab for the sole purpose of keeping watch on the belongings of my classmates what with the sporadic thefts lately. Two minutes into the decision, a thought dawned on me: If something really did go missing though there weren't any other students around besides me, I would undoubtedly be accused. So I changed my mind and was midway to the lab when I realised that another friend was also staying back in class. Ergo, I marched back to class to bear witness in the event of a crime since it would be the 2 of us instead of just 1 witness. It was too good -or bad, depending on how you saw it- to miss. I was skeptical of every student walking pass. My head spun in different directions every time I heard faint footsteps, uneven breaths or leaves rustle. (OK, just kidding on the leaves.) It was painstaking. But nothing was stolen...so far.

I also realised the whole paragraph above could be written in one sentence: I didn't witness any theft during Biology. Sorry for beating around the bush.


Wonderfully Eventful

Today, I learned an interesting new word I came across for the first time in a book I'm currently reading: turducken. It is a chicken cooked in a duck cooked in a turkey; as the name suggests. Somehow, I found this hilarious.

Today, my classmates and I found out our position in class based on the mid-term examination results. I have to concede that I was honestly shocked because I hadn't given it my all and worked hard for it and invested much effort. Those are definitely reasons enough that God has blessed me with more than I deserve.

Today, Theft #3 took place. Read a detailed account about the crime from the witness herself. I must say, the whole drama is slowly getting a tad too interesting and enjoyable; despite my being Victim #1.

Today, 3 friends and I went to the mall after school to catch a horror movie. It was funny how the 4 of us reacted differently to the suspenseful and horrific scenes. One would claw the friend seated beside, another would guffaw audibly, another would scream intermittently, and I would sink lower and lower into the seat... simply because it was comfortable. (OK, not really.)

After the movie, we headed to the departmental store to cull a birthday gift for a friend. In our midst of hunting for the gift, 2 friends got sidetracked when they spotted a Winnie The Pooh video game and proceeded to play it; from start to finish. I watched as the 2 barking mad friends took control of the game; one commandeering the joystick while the other seized the jump button. They were so comical and Pooh was doing some unbelievably hilarious moves that I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and my sides hurt so bad. Moreover, the statement below the screen wasn't helping matters: 3-5 YEARS. They exceeded the age limit but that didn't stop them in the least bit. They both made a great team and managed to complete the game mission. Nicely done.


What's So Modern About Mathematics?

The first thing my teacher did when we hopped into her car to head to the school hosting the Modern Mathematics quiz was retrieve 6 photo albums of her vacation in Korea for our viewing pleasure. Funny woman.

When we first arrived at the host school, I was unequivocally intimidated because every other school representative had a poker face or looked smug and I was as prepared to sit for it as much as I was prepared jumping into a tank full of sharks -with or without any protective gear. There were 36 schools in participation. All of us had to sit for 5 rounds individually. 10 minutes for 10 questions each round. I am weak in Transformations but what questions came out during the first round but two Transformation questions. I had to laugh when I saw said questions.

We had to wait for 45 minutes before the first round commenced due to a school being late. Fortunately, I had a friend I hadn't seen for 2 years sitting behind me to keep me from sleeping -I am always drowsy before 9AM- by asking how things were holding up. I have to commend the school who was late because they hadn't known that the quiz was on today and in a mad rush to make it in time to the host school, got involved in a minor road accident. And said school placed second. Without any preparation whatsoever. That's sheer genius.

In any case, we placed 6th. Praise God.


Coincidental Crimes

Funny thing happened today. A camera belonging to a school photographer was stolen in school today -during Chemistry period; the same period my handphone had been stolen last week. Since it is highly valuable school property, a spot-check was warranted. The camera is still undiscovered. About 10 handphones were confiscated and a gracious teacher called for me to have a look at them to check if my stolen one was among them. It wasn't. I wasn't disappointed. And I'd just like to thank the friends who are prefects for watching out for my handphone whilst conducting the spot-check and informing the teacher about it (even though I distinctly told them not to) to allow me to see if mine was found.

In other news, the Modern Mathematics quiz for the district level is tomorrow. The other school representative informed me about it last week but, what do you know, it completely slipped out of my mind. Suffice to say, I don't even have to explain how badly I'll do tomorrow.


My Father

I'm proud to say that God has blessed with a phenomenal father. And that's no secret. The people around me know that.

He is the kind of father who washes his son's car on Father's Day; who brings his daughter and her friend out to spend the day at two malls on Father's Day; who refuses to eat the fried calamari he secretly relishes simply because he knows his kids love it; who encourages his daughter to purchase more books despite purchasing a book the day before; who is willing to loiter around the mall for hours whilst his daughter and company camp at the bookstore for hours on end; who is delighted to bring his daughter to places even though he is weary; who spoils his kids unconsciously; who inadvertently forgets his own birthday but remembers his son's; who is funny beyond measure and yet not realise it; who can only rest after thanking his kids for their treat to a meek dinner a thousand times; who appreciates simple gestures from his kids like a terse Father's Day wish; who is 57 and buys sleeveless sport shirts (see picture below) for gym use; and who does all the aforementioned in a single day -today. Imagine how great the love of my father on earth is every other day.

My father's signature sleeping manner when in close proximity with a sofa.

A righteous man walks in integrity. Blessed are his children after him. Proverbs 20:7


If I Have to Do This One More Time...

Six People To Tag
- My Additional Mathematics teacher
- My Physics teacher
- My EST teacher
- My English teacher
- My Chemistry teacher
- My Accounts teacher

Six Things I’m Passionate About
- God
- Loved ones
- Storybooks
- The Dictionary
- Food
- Sleep

Six Things I Say Too Often
- Uh-huh.
- Oh yeah.
- So...yeah.
- Oh man.
- Aiyaya!
- Snap!

Six Books I’ve Read (& Loved)
- Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar
- There's a Girl in My Hammerlock by Jerry Spinelli
- The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend
- The Eyeliner of The Gods by Katie Maxwell
- The Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer
- Demon Envy by Erin Lynn

Six Songs I Can Listen To Again and Again
- Hey Ya by Outkast
- The Happy Birthday song
- Everything by Michael Bublé
- Imagine by David Archuleta
- Word Up by Korn
- We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Six Things I Learnt In The Past Year
- God never fails us
- New English words
- Simple covalent compounds are soluble in organic solvents
- Standard deviation is equal to surd variance
- The weight of fluid displaced by an object wholly or partially immersed in a fluid is tantamount to the buoyant force
- Artist Akon's real (mouthful) name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam


Ah, The Irony

I cried and cried today because I stubbed my toe. Just kidding. Although, I think I had a reason to. My handphone/mobile phone/cell phone/handset got stolen at school today. I brought it to school because I had to stay back at school a while to construct the robot with my teammates and needed to contact my mother. I don't usually bring my handphone to school because it is a school violation. I only brought it today for a very valid reason and wasn't planning on using it until after school hours.

The first two class periods today had been Chemistry and my whole class shuffled to the Chemistry lab. Upon returning back to my seat in class, I discovered that the zip of the compartment on my bag in which I had kept my handphone was open. I peered inside and my handphone was AWOL. I didn't know why but I wasn't upset in the least bit. A friend surmised that it was probably my disability of expressing sadness. Anyhow, it's been said that people who've owned handphones for a while find it impossible to function normally without it even for a day. I'll see if I can.

I have to hand it to the culprit, though. Seriously. Out of all the hundreds of bags in school today, the perpetrator had the dumb luck of culling my bag to rummage through and obtaining more than said criminal bargained for. I hope the culprit has a tough time cracking the pin number on my handphone -which, trust me, isn't hard at all because I hadn't changed the extremely easy pin number set by the manufacturer since I received it. I still think the student/thief could've done a better job by zipping the compartment completely shut.

This was definitely a case of irony because some students bring their handphones to school daily but no such tragedy has befallen them thus far. Both my parents weren't mad at all -which was quite a surprise. My mother muttered something about her friend's kid losing a car, so my situation wasn't as bad. True. And my father just agreed to terminate my handphone number when I told him to before my handphone number got abused. My brother even knew how to prevent the perpetrator from even using the handphone completely on the condition that I find something that's probably been recycled by now. Aiyaya.

My only regret is not transferring the pictures on my handphone to my PDA because they are now unretractable. And I need an alarm clock from tomorrow onwards to wake up in time for school. Anyway, to the ones who usually call or text-message me on my handphone, please don't do so anymore. My handphone number is now null and void. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to delete my number now. I don't know if I'll be able to have a new one anytime soon...but I'll live.


Picture Imperfect

The following are the pictures taken during the school break:

Told you I've got small fingers. -Dinner

We love leg shots. -1 Utama Shopping Centre

Thing 1 (left) and Thing 2 (right). -Aunt's 50th Birthday Party

The Click 3.142 Concert. -Arena of Stars, Genting


Got Pain, No Gain

Today, I finally asked a friend a question I've been meaning to ask since the beginning of high school -that is, four years ago. Every time I remembered the question, I would forget to ask the friend the very next second due to some bagatelle. I know; I possess an incredibly short memory span.

I have been having this unexplained bruise on my arm since -I'm assuming- Sunday night and have been trying to crack my head to figure out how I got it in the first place. After much pondering all day yesterday, I have finally discovered the reason why: When I was at the concert last Saturday night in Genting, the friend who sat beside me kept gripping my arm with the strength of several bulls every time the lights went off to insinuate that the band was making their appearance on stage soon. (They didn't. They only came on 40 minutes and a few excruciating clutches later.) Little did I know that the friend actually has an unbelievably steely grip. And that's how I came to have the bruise. I'm just glad my bones didn't rupture from the immense pressure.


Back to School

It is now the post-examination week in school and the teachers are distributing the exam papers back to the students. I particularly enjoy this time of school because there is usually no homework at all due to the droning paper discussions. However, the revelation of the exam grades would be another story.


What A Weekend

I've just gotten back from the little sojourn with the friends. Last night was, to put it mildly, a complete whirlwind. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and headed up to the main highlands shortly after that via cable car. I was apprehensive about it and soon discovered that I had a reason to because two friends were attempting to rock the cable car purposefully. Our lives merely depended on an i-don't-know-how-old wire and ominous forest loomed below us.

We had a couple of hours before the concert commenced so we decided to have a little fun at the theme park. We rode on a couple of thrilling rides which I hadn't been on in quite a while. It was exhilarating, downright fun and nauseating. But mostly thrilling.

The Click Five only appeared on stage 40 minutes after the stipulated time printed on the tickets. The audience were restless after 30 minutes of bated breath but erupted into hysterical clamour when the band finally made their appearance on stage. My throat was going dry from just hearing the wild uproar in the arena. I was silent 98.53% of the time until the person who sat next to me kept glancing over at me; probably to check if I was human or not. Moreover, I was down with the flu, had sore throat and a slight fever since yesterday morning -of all times. I am still sick right now though thankfully, I am getting better.

The completely absurd part of the night was after the concert when my die hard friends trailed the band to the hotel they were putting up at. And the utterly whacked-out part was when they went to the floor the band was staying on and knocked on every single room door until they found them; all this while dodging security from a 5-star hotel. I'm happy to report that I wasn't a participant in this fanatic pursuit. Moreover, I was semi-deaf, somnolent and unwell. (And I ain't a fan.)

After a lifetime or two, we returned to the hotel. Before finally succumbing to sleep, we went down to the hotel lounge for a brief recap of the whole crazy night. They were so proud to have made fan history by tracking them right up to the hotel room. I can honestly say now that I have mad friends -not that I am not one myself.

I've got to catch up on some sleep now. School reopens tomorrow. It's back to reality.


Thirteenth Hour

A friend and I are now set to join the other 2 friends for the concert tomorrow. In the beginning, we had actually planned for the 6 of us to go. Then it was cancelled. Then it wasn't yesterday. Then it was cancelled again this morning. And it's back on track a few hours ago. Confounding plans, I'd say.

I was asked to bring a camera along because the other 3 friends had their own camera problems. Well, I've joined the club. There are three PDAs and two cameras in the house but not even one single charger around. Really. I've had my own set of PDA charger for ages when I didn't even need to use it. And now I can't find mine; especially after cleaning my room recently. My mother conceded that she might have thrown hers away -I was rendered speechless when this fact was disclosed to me- and my brother couldn't even locate his PDA in the vicinity of his room. One of the camera's charger is missing and the other camera is nowhere to be found though I presume that it is probably lost in the wreckage that is my brother's room.

I guess snapping pictures with friends while out on a vacation on the last year of high school just isn't meant to be. But boy am I glad to be doing something eventful this weekend.

End rant.


Click 101

The T-shirts are finally done and I got to see the finishing products today. They are looking pretty awesome and I am satisfied with how it turned out despite some minor flaws...which are unintentionally "art", as a friend has cleverly explained.

With more than a stroke of luck, I think, the two friends who are crazy about The Click Four and are going to their concert in Genting this Saturday have each won 4 free concert passes albeit they have already purchased their exorbitant V.I.P. passes ages ago. So there are 8 free passes for the taking of none right now. A friend and I are considering joining them now even though another two friends can't make it and we don't fancy The Click Three at all.

The following (paraphrased) conversation just proves how cool my mother is and how uncool I am:

Justine: Can I join them for The Click Seven concert this Saturday?
Mother of Justine: No. What would you be doing while they're at the concert then?
Justine: Suffer through the screams of hordes of females.
Mother of Justine: What? Why?
Justine: They've won 8 free concert tickets.
Mother of Justine: Really? I want to go as well! Can you please ask them for 2 tickets?
Justine: What! Why?
Mother of Justine: I like their songs and the lead singer's voice. I like them. I want to watch them live.

And this is the point where I try to reason with her because I am positive that there will only be deafening clamour throughout the whole concert. We finally concluded that she couldn't go because it was on such short notice and all the rooms in Genting are fully booked by now. And I would have to bring a sleeping bag to crash at the friend's hotel room.

I'm still pondering as to whether I should go, just for kicks. And just for the opportunity to go somewhere this holidays.


Late to Bed, Late to Rise

I woke up in the afternoon today. I probably wouldn't have woken up at all if I hadn't received a phone call. I have been sleeping late at night -or early in the morning- and waking up sometime around noon ever since the school holidays began. I think sleeping has become one of my vices. Nonetheless, I guess my sleeping habits have to be altered again soon for when school reopens.

My bedroom still seems to be in an organised and clean state. I'll see how long this lasts and if it might break a record.


Homework Allergy

I finally got around to completing the essay on the f-word: FUTURE. Man, it was beyond infuriating but I'm glad I managed to finally get it done even though the essay could probably make a worm squirm -if there ever were a literate worm. The essay is loaded with aspirations and big dreams that would never happen. Still, I think it's harmless to have wishful thinking. And trusting God in the process.

The holidays seem to be drawing to a close. It is passing by too fast. I have spent most of my time on homework (and other stuff). In some weird way, I appreciate having homework because it fills my time with something productive and forces me to press on. I only don't appreciate having an overload of homework.


Holiday Perks

I completed my English essay today about a traumatising encounter with a natural catastrophe. Since I've (thankfully) never experienced a natural disaster before, I had to do some research online. On another note, I am still having difficulty conveying how I want my future to be in words. This is bad.

Today was a dull day. I woke up in the afternoon and did my holiday homework until it was time for lunch. Post-lunch, I proceeded with the rest of my homework until it was time for dinner. Post-dinner, I continued with my homework. I still have a substantial amount left and will resume doing it after this. Words cannot express the immense joy I'm feeling.


Done Squared

For once, I have completed a science-fiction and an adult book (albeit they are essentially one book). Although the combination just about made my head spin, I can't deny the fact that the book was a page-turner. I was almost chewing my nails rushing to finish it because it was getting more thrilling by the page. I was trying to read as fast as I could -which is not fast- that great relief became grief to me.

In other news, I actually cleaned my room today. What an achievement, huh? There was an astounding amount of papers strewn all over the place -on the bed, in the drawers, on the shelves, on the table, on the floor, in between my folded-up clothes (OK, just kidding on that last part). It was like paper galore. They were enough to make a paper castle. And save a forest. Unfortunately, though, I can't recycle them just yet because they are very necessary exam papers and notes which could assist me during the examination(s)...provided that I'm conscientious enough to peruse the stacks of hundreds of papers.