Skeletons Not in the Closet

There was a tiny creature on the floor in front of my room today. It was a leech-like insect with a long and sharp head/tail. I don't particularly have a yellow streak when it comes to insects. But I am a huge chicken when it comes to hydrostatic skeletons; i.e. caterpillar, leech, etc. I don't consider them insects as they are creatures of the great abyss. And I have a strong aversion to the way hydrostatic skeletons locomote with their bodily fluids. It is a disturbing sight.

I saw it moving its shrill body as I walked past it today. I didn't scream as screaming is not one of my reflexes. I did, however, conjure up thoughts as to how I could exterminate it in the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly way even though my mind was shouting for me to blow it up. I didn't do that, of course, as there aren't any explosives in the house. Plus, it would be messy. In the end, I placed a plastic container above it to keep it from moving about and waited for it to run out of air. I waited a really long time. I became paranoid and had to glance at it every 60 seconds whilst revising. It was agonising.

Thankfully, my mother picked it up and dumped it in the thrash when she came home. My saviour. I am still paranoid. It may come out again at night. And they are evil.

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