Rob Ot, Not Done

Today was a fairly weird day. A friend came over to get started with the robot construction. My class teacher who also happens to be my Physics teacher came over as well. It was just unusual to see her in the house. She brought the Physics exam papers from our mid-term examination to mark as she has a substantial amount of paper to mark -somewhere around 280x2 papers. Moreover, she disclosed some facts that she probably (I think) shouldn't but my lips are completely sealed.

Regarding more pressing matters, we (the friend and I as the teacher was busily marking the papers) ran into a couple of problems with the robotic components. We have now constructed the main parts -arm and wheels- but we are struggling with assembling all the parts together...which would make a good joke if we weren't the reason for it.

The friend's task now is to try to program as many possible routes for the robot in accordance with the specified tasks. And I have to try to fix the robotic parts into a whole piece. I say confidently now that there is a slim chance of me succeeding. When I told my brother about what I needed to do, he guffawed. I followed suit.

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