My Mother

Letter to my mother:
That someone in my life,
Who changes me for the better;
That someone who thrives and strives,
That someone called ‘my mother’.

That someone with love and care,
Who takes away the jitters;
That someone with lots to share,
That someone called ‘my mother’.

That someone who sacrifices,
Who stays by my side forever;
That someone who advices,
That someone called ‘my mother’.

That someone to seek refuge in,
To depend on whenever;
That someone who loves from within,
That someone called ‘my mother’.

There are 6500000000 people in this world. I think that for a million reasons, God placed you in my life and me in yours. You are an angel of a mother and I thank the LORD for having you in my life. I see the grace and wisdom in your heart and the greatness of you is beyond words. And I know that you’ll cherish every word I’ve written here simply because you’re my mother.


Your daughter, Justine YJJ.
If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam. -Lord Langdale

P/S: Don't tell me how terrible my poetic skills are just yet.

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