10 Factoids

Rules - Bloggers who have been tagged have to start with 10 random facts about themselves. At the end of this, you have to choose 10 people and tag them about this quiz.

1) I don't own a single pair of jeans.
2) I underwent a minor surgery when I was 14.
3) My parents are cooler than me.
4) I am a chauvinist, perfectionist and masochist -in that order.
5) I need pin-drop silence whenever I study.
6) I love music as much as I love books; I just don't talk about it as much.
7) I don't believe in ghosts and/or any superstitions.
8) I can't read in a (mobile) vehicle or carsickness would ensue.
9) I quit playing the piano in Grade 4.
10) I study for Christ. Otherwise I'd have given up high school eons ago.

I tag: Owner of entangled, owner of Memories and any 8 people who don't own blogs.

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