I Joke with My Little Eye

I spent the better half of the day watching videos online about an undisclosed matter. The computer speakers were faulty and could only function with a pair of earphones. The wire of the pair of earphones was a little too short and I had to crane my neck the whole several hours whilst watching the videos. It is slightly cramped right now. Although my situation wasn't as bad as my brother's.

His eyes were badly swollen three-thirds of the day. Then my mother made him down two red pills. His eyes became nothing but tiny slits after that. "See this small crack in my right eye here?" he asked as I squinted at the tiny sliver of line, "I can only view through this." He couldn't even see where he was going half the time, refused to take a nap and was even able to crack jokes about his temporary loss of sight. Moreover, he kept making funny faces in the mirror to amuse himself. I'd say I was surprised by his demeanour. But I wasn't. Not at all.

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