Great Times

As planned, five friends came over today to proceed with the handmade T-shirts. We had completed Stage 1 of Painting and moved on to Stage 2 of Needlework. All of us were completely clueless when it came to stitching and we even had a textbook at hand for reference but it was of no use. My mother then taught a friend how to sew the buttons. The friend then imparted the elusive knowledge to another friend and so we had 2 out of the 6 of us who sewed the buttons. Then we had to iron the specific patches onto the T-shirts. Thankfully, 1 out of the 6 of us knew how to use the iron on the patches. They are 80% done now.

Something completely bizarre happened to a friend in the midst of all the stitching madness (not really). Hitz.fm, a local radio station, called L to deliver the good news that she had just won 4 tickets to The Click Ninety-three concert in Genting. The odd thing was that L didn't even enter the contest to even win it in the first place. What a fluke. We quickly switched on the radio after the call and heard the whole conversation on air a few seconds later. Hearing your friend on the radio with the company of other good friends celebrating the fact that 4 very expensive tickets had just been inexplicably won was the coolest thing ever. All of us just sat in silence, staring at one another after the whole thing went down.

They stayed over a little longer even after completing the T-shirts to kill time together. I enjoyed myself very much and I think they did, too. What can I say? Today was ultimately a great day.

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