Good Times

Today was a semi-productive day, in the words of my cousin sister. We (cousin sisters and I) spent three-thirds of the day at the mall today right after church. We had planned to catch a movie but the seats to the show we wanted to watch in the two cinemas at the mall were completely booked. We resorted to loitering around the mall.

It was delightful to spend time with the both of them after the mid-term examination. We ambled from a bookshop to an art store to a food stall. We did ordinary things but I'd say it was time spent well. I will be rendezvousing with them tomorrow again during dinner. Sweet.

The friends who came over the day before yesterday will be coming over tomorrow to resume the Art of T-shirt Making Class. One of them will be arriving an hour earlier than the stipulated time while the other four will probably arrive later and/or an hour and a half later than the stipulated time. I have tardy friends. I am going to have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning -almost like a school day- but I will gladly, and groggily, do so.

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