Busy Day

Today, I did a lot of things I shouldn't be doing during an examination period. So did two other friends who joined my delinquency. After church today, we went to the mall to purchase the items needed for the T-shirts a couple of friends and I are planning on doing, presents for teachers in conjunction with Teacher's Day and a lot of other stuff. We've never shopped that long before and our legs were aching after a couple of hours of walking from one end of an interlinked mall to two other ends of two other interlinked malls. It was a gruesome and daunting task trying to pick out the perfect gifts for the cherished teachers we have in school. But we pulled it off. I hope.

In the evening, we headed over to another mall located closer to our homes and watched a late-night movie. I got back around 11PM. None of us have curfews. But I think what we did today was a little too much. Still, I'd say today was a pretty spectacular day.

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