Birth Day

Today is the birthday of The Friend Who Never Fails To Annoy Me. Alright, just kidding. I annoy her at times, too. Sitting beside her in class everyday is enough to drive me up the wall but thankfully, she's good company when she's sane.

I think it's time I said something nice about her so here goes: She's tall (no kidding). She's pretty (see inset). She's funny (understatement). She's amicable (too many friends to count). She's a lot of other things as well and I'm definitely grateful to have a reliable friend like her. If I were to list out all the great things about her, I'd run out of words. Moreover, she is probably the only person I can have healthy arguments with about books.

Mighty obsessed with celebrities I mighty dislike, she's entertaining to have a row with; in a good way. Distraction is her greatest vice, in my opinion. She gets distracted as fast as I scurry to the YA aisle when I'm at a bookstore. An insect buzz -distracted. A doodle on the table -distracted. The Click Forty-seven talk -distracted. Nonetheless, she has humongous talent in the department I'll never venture to -art.

The outcome of a dare.

I wish her all the best in pursuing her dream of becoming a renowned designer. I trust that she'll do well as her designs are extraordinary. I'm not saying that as a friend or as someone who hasn't a single artistic bone in her body, but really, even school teachers gush after feasting their eyes on her pseudo-portfolio. The only thing I ask of her is for her to return to church. I pray that God will open up her heart once again to lead her back to His Holy Temple.

Selamat Hari Jadi ke-17, Lydia!

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