Artist Wannabe(s)

Art class.

Four friends came over today to work on the T-shirts we had planned to do. One couldn't make it but we are going to continue where we left off next Monday. I am looking forward to it as that would probably be my only highlight in the two-week semester break which commences tomorrow.

Today, unlike yesterday, was much better on so many levels. I know most of it had to do with the combined fact that I had really good company and I was doing something very worthwhile and distracting.

We wasted a lot of time in the beginning; searching for supplies and trying on T-shirts. Then we had the Artist draw the outline of our initials/names while the rest of us watched a little TV. We were helpless in anything art-related.

Then we got to the perilous part where we had to paint the words on our own T-shirts. This, we had to do on our own. I don't know about the rest but I was extremely terrified of even holding the brush. I hadn't held one in two years. I would have blotted everyone's T-shirts without even realising it. I eventually mustered up the guts to paint my own T-shirt. It wasn't half-bad. It was maybe only a quarter-bad. Awesome.

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