Veggie Hater

Our presentation on Brain Prosthesis today has been postponed to next Monday due to very valid reasons.

After a group had finished their presentation today, the teacher treated us to an interesting short clip about some unnerving chocolate facts. The ingredients that make up chocolate are actually vegetables. When that one colossal fact was made known, I could feel everyone jerking their heads to face me. Thankfully, I am sitting at the front and center so I can't exactly see them staring at me -albeit I can actually feel their eyes boring a humongous hole into the back of my head.

And then, the teacher just had to ask, "Who doesn't like vegetables?"

I instinctively knew what the friend beside me was going to do so I balled up my fists to prevent said friend from raising my hand out of my own free will. I was stronger. And I managed to keep my hand down as the friend tried to no avail to lift it up. The friend gave up tugging my hand and resorted to blurting my name aloud; accompanied with echoes from several other friends who know me too well. The teacher looked at me and said in an adult-to-child voice, "Vegetables are good for your health. You must always eat your vegetables." Utter humiliation.

I do eat my vegetables. I can't say I relish eating them. But I eat them. Every single strand on my plate. I even tried explaining that to the class in a squeaky voice but it was futile. I am now a veggie hater in everyone's minds. Which is sort of true. But not entirely true.

Although, I can't say I hate chocolates.

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