Do the Math

The Add Math competition was today. The teacher told the 3 of us to relax yesterday and not worry about it. And that was exactly what I did: watch and read -my 2 forms of relaxation, among many. I don't think I can say the same for the other 2 school representatives as I'm positive they were diligently revising.

A teacher drove the 3 of us to the school which hosted the competition. The school is actually a neighbouring school but I suppose the participants weren't subjected to head to the venue on foot.

The paper, to me, was disturbingly tough. There were some questions which -surprisingly- weren't difficult. But there were many questions which were maniacally tough. I didn't even bother doing a couple of questions as it would be a waste of time and the allocated time was barely adequate. I lost about a quarter of my hopes.

When the chairman of the competition announced that 37 schools and 111 students had participated in the competition, I further lost about three-third of hopes.

We didn't win in the end. My school got 7th position. And I got 17th position, individually. I like the number 7 so no complaints there. I'm thankful and glad we got what we got.

Add Math aside, the Physics competition is tomorrow. If I suck, so be it. I'll live. I don't know about the school, though. Just kidding. It'll live, too.


elisa. (; said...

let me tell you something i don't know whether it's co-incidence or just freaky.

someone unexpected unintentionally told me 'you suck' today. and so,my mind was revolving around that word the whole day. i thought whether i should blog about that incident,and am still thinking about it. then, i thought of your blog.

somehow someway something came up to me while on the way home just now..
'hey,have J used the word "suck" on her blog?'

then..tada..as i stumbled upon your blog..i saw it.


Justine said...

Way freaky. Haha. I've actually used the work 'suck' several times. Just type in 'suck' in the search box on the top left and tada, posts with 'suck' in it! Haha. I think I've used 'suck' 4 times here already.