Rueful Rehearsal

The computer seems to be having a mind of its own today.

Today, I basically spent the whole day in school doing nothing except rehearse for the Prize Giving Ceremony which will be held this Saturday. The students involved were required to sit in the hall in order of year, class position and award(s). Then, every one of us had to walk up to the stage after being demonstrated the appropriate method to shake hands with the I.P. and the correct way of accepting as well as holding the certificate/file/folder. I was even corrected when I said "Thanks." instead of "Thank you." My bad.

The whole thing took more than 2 hours. Needless to say, it was a complete waste of time as I had missed a few lessons in class. I spent the whole time reading a book in the hall. After all, it is World Book Day today. The rehearsal will still be ongoing tomorrow. I wonder what they're going to teach us next. Perhaps the right way to walk up the stairs to the stage. Or the right way to walk down the stairs from the stage. Or both.

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