Rewarding Rewards

I went to school today for the Prize Giving Ceremony. Cruel (for having to forgo sleep) but worth it. Although the somniferous speeches required the amount of concentration I do not possess, the school band performed an interesting performance by using recyclable items to simulate musical instruments. Through God's blessing, I was fortunate enough to receive the awards for 3rd Position in 4D Class of 2007, Best in English for Fourth Form 2007 and Best in Physics for Fourth Form 2007. I feel good. Because I'm sure that's as far as I'll ever go academically. I don't even need to talk about sports because it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it will not be far. At all.

I wasn't really expecting to get the awards for Physics and English because I have to admit, I was only expecting one for Additional Mathematics. I lost it by 1 mark. I would have gotten it if I had kept my mouth shut about the extra 5 marks the teacher had inadvertently given me. I didn't. I marched up to the teacher and told her to deduct the marks I didn't deserve. And that was that. It sucks to lose something by 1 mark. But it definitely sucks less to lose it to a great and madly intelligent friend. And as my mother coined today, "Better to be honest before God than to be proud before men." Sounds deep. I'm not sure if she might have gotten it from somewhere or if my mother truly is an insightful person. Either way, that statement rings so true.

I am more than thankful for even getting any awards in the first place. All of this belongs to God.


jo said...

congrats girl..
walau!!!this girl super keng man!!can get until so many awards!!
keep it up!!

Justine said...

Arigatou! Mana ada keng... I don't even know how that happened because I don't have any keng-ness in me. Haha. But thanks! Cheers! :D