Don't Do the Physics

The Physics competition today was awesome and not at the same time. Here's why:

Awesome: The paper was challenging and I actually enjoyed doing it.
Not: My school got 9th position.
Awesome: There were 34 schools.
Not: I suck.
Awesome: I passed the paper. This is very comforting considering how I failed yesterday's paper by 1 mark. Failed! Math! Failed! Paper! Math! The!
Not: I suck.
Awesome: Others didn't suck.
Not: But I did.
Awesome: It's all over.
Not: I've got a ton of school homework to complete as I'd miss 2 days of school.
Awesome: I can go back to reading my storybook sans plaguing issues.
Not: I suck!

I'm actually fine with what we got. I'm glad we placed 9th and I honestly wouldn't even mind if we got 34th position. (OK, maybe I would; a little bit.) I just had to let the above out of my system so forgive me.

Now, allow me to read until my eyes water.

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