Contradicting Courses

Since this week is Career Week in school, there was an education fair in school today. Many booths were set up for specific colleges/universities. I learned quite a lot about the prerequisites, the courses and the like. Last year, I was adamant about pursuing one course -the one my brother is doing. I would just be following my brother's footsteps. Then I had some serious doubts about it and couldn't make up my mind. Besides, my brother's footsteps aren't meant to be emulated or trodden on. Just kidding.

Anyhow, after today, I still can't make up my mind. I am more confused now since I am interested in several different courses which are the antithesis of the other; like Aviation, Business, Engineering, Geology and Mass Communication. Boy oh boy. I'll just wait and see where God leads me to. It might not be any of the above, but if it is His will, so be it.

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