A Brain Post

I went for this Additional Mathematics interclass quiz the week before last and thankfully, I got first. The prize I received was a certificate and a gold trophy. Awesome. I don't usually get this kinda stuff so glory and thanks be to God. Ironically, the other 2 school representatives who had represented the school for the district Additional Mathematics competition placed second and third respectively. Congratulations, math buddies.

Since every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining was winning the Additional Mathematics quiz, the cloud was that I didn't win anything for the Chemistry quiz I participated in because the questions required no reading and only common knowledge and it goes without saying that I have zero common knowledge so I fully accept the fact that I suck. (I just realised the whole sentence in this paragraph has only one full-stop; excluding this sentence. I've always wanted to do that. Hah.)

We finally did our EST presentation on Brain Prosthesis today. Surprisingly, it went rather well. I mean, it wasn't as disastrous as how I'd pictured it to be. We kicked-start the presentation with a little skit in which I played the role of an Alzheimer's sufferer and thus, was constantly being taken advantage of -money-wise. It garnered some laughs so I figured it probably wasn't that dreadful.

Post-presentation, I had a few friends asking me if I really am diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. I knew it wasn't because of my fantastic acting skills that made them ask me that so I guess I must have always portrayed myself as extremely forgetful. Or maybe I didn't need to do anything to prove that since I naturally have a bad memory. Whatever it is, I just want to set the record straight: I do not have Alzheimer's disease. At least, not yet. And I hope I won't lapse into it. Otherwise...I might need a brain prosthesis.

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