Blunder Case

I uncouthly left my pencil case in school today. Unless the second-former in the afternoon session was thoughtful and considerate enough to leave it where it was -under my desk- I may have lost the following:

1 - Scientific calculator
2 - 2 mechanical pencils
3 - 10 quality pens
4 - Class timetable
5 - Other stationeries
6 - The pencil case itself

I realised how dependant I am of the contents of my pencil case when I was completing my homework today. The homework was Additional Mathematics (for which scientific calculator is a necessity) and BM (for which pen, pencil and the like are necessities). I had to scavenge the house to get what I needed for my homework. The sleuthing of stationeries took longer than the time I took to finish my homework. Everything was either scattered everywhere or nowhere to be found.

I really hope that my pencil case will still be unharmed, untouched and unmoved tomorrow.

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