Brother. Score.

Today, a letter bearing fantastic news came in the mail. The letter was for my brother. The letter was from the Chancellor of the University of South Australia. For my brother. From the Chancellor. Commending my brother for his praiseworthy performance in college/university. Wow. Just wow. I am almost at a lost for words. Almost. I wasn't speechless enough to forget to congratulate my brother.

When I did the arduous deed of congratulating him, he was so unfazed by it all that he just grunted at me in response. Really. What a humble kid. And a smart one, too. (And a slightly impertinent one as well but never mind that.) I am hesitant to admit this, but truth be told, I am very proud of him. I know I'm going to want to recant this whole paragraph in the course of the next two days or so but there's no denying it.

Both my parents are so proud of him that they are going to get the letter laminated and possibly, framed. I also know for sure that my father is going to be gloating about it to everyone he meets in the next several days. But it's OK. He's doing what any proud parent would do. Plus, it's great to see them so radiant and elated. It's amazing what a two-paragraphed letter can do to cheer people up tremendously.

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