All's Fair in Science and Math

Today was the day of the Science Fair in school. A couple of classmates and I had gone all out last year to participate in the exhibition. This year, however, was another story.

When I took the first step into one of the labs where the Science Fair was held, a nauseating combination of odours greeted me. I stopped in my tracks and almost whirled around to go back where I came from when I spotted a friend's exhibit. As I suppressed the urge to hurl from the reek, I discovered the ingredients of the assortment of smells. Gummy bears were being exploded. Fermented fruits were being torched. Vegetables were being pounded. Heady candles were being lit. Eggs were being smashed. Concoctions were being brewed. The scene in the lab was the picture of ruckus. And I was in bedlam.

Needless to say, I didn't spend too much time at the two labs with the myriad of science exhibits. They had all been very interesting to feast the eyes on. And I did have a look at most of the exhibits -once, at a glance and only from one angle of the lab. I loitered at the assembly area where the Math Fair was held and where it was open for air circulation.

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