All About Safety

So. Our EST presentation on Brain Prosthesis has been postponed to next Monday again as this week is School Safety Week or something along those lines.

There was an exhibition going on with vivid images of dislocated body parts and horrific road accidents. For some reason, the place was cordoned off. Fine by me. I didn't even get out of my seat in class to inspect the traumatising and gory pictures. I'd already had a tough week 4 years ago when I was in the first form and a friend had forced me to unwillingly get a good look at the pictures. Since I have a photographic memory, the pictures lingered in my memory for quite a while. Moreover, I have an aversion to all things nasty. It wasn't very pleasant and I'd learned my lesson.

Apart from the exhibition, we were given an oration by a traffic policeman who enjoyed making sound effects to describe accident scenes.

On a side note, this happened yesterday in Malaysia. Although, I still prefer this version in America.

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