5 Out of 7

Today was a school co-curricular day. I only brought myself along with a storybook to school since I knew not many students were going to show up today and the teachers would leave us to fend for ourselves. I went for the Chess Club meet, during which I read and did nothing else, and Christian Union, during which I bonded with 3 other members who took it upon themselves to be present even though the students were allowed to head home.

It was quite a sombre day at school. The Renjer Puteri meeting was cancelled without the members' knowledge. As I hung out at an almost vacant classroom to resume reading, I had to constantly keep an eye on the door of the usual venue where the meet was held at. The door was locked throughout the stipulated time.

During Christian Union, the teacher-in-charge delivered some good news to us. She has finally obtained the principal's consent to hold a Christian gathering every Tuesday after schooling hours. This is fantastic since a couple of our letters regarding the year's events have been rejected. I trust that all these are in God's plan for us and I'm praying that many will show up at the first meeting. I'm glad to state that the CU members can now convene 5 days a week; inclusive of prayer meetings, devotional meetings and committee meetings. Hallelujah!

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