What A Day

Today was a peculiar day of sorts. A myriad of strange events (to me) occurred today. My take on the respective oddities today are:

1- My classmates felt the pressing need to kill me today because the Biology test was tough and I was graciously spared from it. My lips had somehow refused to listen to my brain and stop smiling. It was making a lot of people mad.
2- I was given a little briefing on the methods of devising an impromptu speech at school today; along with the other public speaking finalists. Apparently, a school representative hasn't been culled yet. When is it going to end, seriously? Also, the school is the host for the competition of the district level this year.
3- I was chosen as one of the three school representatives for state level in a very time-consuming and stress-inducing robotic competition -in which I will undoubtedly fail miserably and humiliatingly. Although, I am honoured to be even selected.
4- I got kicked out of a spelling competition in school today. The word had been phoney. I spelled phony. My bad. I am terrible at distinguishing British English from American English.
5- Today was the last day of the monthly test. I actually squealed in delight when I was finally able to more than just lay a finger on the barely-touched storybooks. My days of craving are over; for the time being.
6- No school from tomorrow onwards until the Monday after next. However, the joy is short-lived because there is ample amount of tasks courtesy of the school. There goes the semester break. I'll take it anyway.

Weird but highly eventful day.

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