Thrive by Five

It was a splendid day at school today. We didn't do any studying and didn't get any homework. Since the monthly test had ended just before the semester break began, this is the period when the teachers hand the test papers back to the students. My classmates and I got 5 papers back today: Physics, Additional Mathematics, History, English and Modern Mathematics.

In all modesty, I'm glad to say I did well for all the 5 papers. Since I had obtained good grade after good grade for 5 consecutive papers, tomorrow is bound to be a bad day for me because it can't get any better than today. History was an astonishing one since I was adamant that I'd suck. I didn't suck. At all. Why, I don't know. This is a one-time thing so I'm going to be happy about it and not fret about there not being a next time. I am expecting the worst for the papers tomorrow.

Anyway, this is merely a trivial monthly test and is nothing for me to gloat (and grumble) about. And I'd still like to give thanks and glory to God.

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