Sport Factor

Yesterday, my classmates and I had Physical Education in school. It was also the last day the temporary P.E. teacher would be teaching us. The teacher is, by far, the best P.E. teacher I've ever had in all of my schooling years. I don't think we'll ever have another dedicated teacher who will introduce us to just about any sport. And I don't think I'll ever have another P.E. teacher who could make me look forward to P.E. because that was just impossible -before the teacher came.

The game we played yesterday during P.E. was touch rugby. The class was divided into two groups. The group I was in was completely sedentary so it was just as well that I was in it since I don't have an athletic bone in my body. While the other group was running all over the place and making loud noises, my group was staring at the grass, talking to each other or shielding from the blazing sunlight. I was no exception. I was in the staring-at-the-grass category. The contrast between the two groups was so stark it was hilarious. Finally, the teacher came over to our group and keyed us up and we finally started the game. I had gladly volunteered to be the benchwarmer but the teacher said no. We (Read: My group excluding me) finally got really into it but the other group was still a lot better than us. No matter. I had fun; even though I wasn't really participating.

Since we were playing touch rugby, the common expletive had been, "Touch the shoulder!" in lieu of "Get the ball!" That was another funny part of the game because many were screaming, "Touch the shoulder! Touch the shoulder! Shoulder! Now!" And some would just scream for no reason. And a few would scream when they got the ball. I'm not sure if that's a sport ethic or not.

When the lesson was over, the teacher gave a very touching parting speech and gave each and every one of us something to remember the teacher by. It was probably the best P.E. lesson I've ever had. The teacher will be greatly missed.

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