Quizzes Galore

As of today, I am a school representative for the following subjects:
a) Additional Mathematics
b) Physics
c) History (K.I.V.)
d) Robotics competition

I don't know which is worse -the thought of the substantial amount of materials I will have to cover in a short time or the actual quizzes themselves or the fact that my school has been the winner for 3 years running. Or all of the 3 combined. I think I'm burning brain cells just pondering it.

How did this happen? Only smart people get culled for these kinda stuff. Certainly not me. And History! I just happened to score my highest ever in History for the monthly test this year and now I'm one of the four determined-to-win school representatives? It was just a one-time thing. Needless to say, I am the weakest link of the four. Hah. No big surprise.

All of the quizzes will be ongoing throughout the course of the month of April -which gives me insufficient time to prepare for the madly difficult quizzes. I've been informed:
a) The Additional Mathematics quiz will be at the sixth form level of difficulty. I'm in fifth form.
b) The time allocated for each question and/or calculation for the Physics quiz is only 60 seconds. I am clumsy with scientific calculators under pressure.
c) The History quiz will cover all the syllabus of first form, second form, third form and fifth form. I loathe History.
d) Robots, computers, programming. Enough said.

This is definitely payback for enjoying the state of unease my friends are always in during Biology lessons at school. It is just sad that the only dilemmas I seem to be having are all associated with school and subjects.


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