Quiz Catharsis

After musing deeply about the pros (1) and cons (8) of my participating in the History quiz, I decided to pull out of the competition. Yes, I am a quitter.

The teacher wasn't too happy about it. She had trudged over to me in school today and ordered sternly, "You will join." She had earlier mentioned something about having the authority of a dictator and not accepting my refusal.

I had my rational excuse ready to be whipped out. I told her I was also participating in other competitions and wouldn't be able to finish all the History materials in time for the quiz. Knowing full well that the winner would be determined by the average score of the four representatives, I dropped the bomb -quite literally. "I will drop the average grade," I deadpanned. Her smile faltered. I quickly suggested a name and the student accepted it. The student had initially refused to participate as well but for some reason, accepted it this time. Sweet relief.

I just know that it was one of my smartest decisions to pull out based on a lot of reasons. At least now they have a real and big chance of winning without me getting in the way and ruining everything. And I've got one less thing to worry about now as well because I already have got a lot going on in my mind.

The Additional Mathematics competition is next Wednesday, exactly a week from now. The Physics competition is next Thursday, the following day. I launched into a minor panic attack today upon being informed the dates. I don't have much time.

I'll just do my best, and God will do the rest. (That wasn't supposed to intentionally rhyme.)

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