Pray For Him

Today was quite an overwhelming day. The first half of the day had been overwhelmingly good. And the other half was just overwhelmingly terrifying. Good because I had found out that I did well in my class position based on the monthly test. Terrifying because my father nearly collapsed at the office today due to excruciating chest pains. He had to be put on drips and got an injection. He hasn't been eating much whenever he's hungry and hasn't drunken any water for the past 3 days because he "couldn't find time".

I couldn't help but lecture him the minute I saw him. You don't starve yourself when you're a 59-year-old father. And you certainly don't devoid your body of water for 3 days. That was inexcusable. I am truly thankful that he is in front of the TV right now. I was scared out of my wits when my mother got the call from his business partner. I couldn't even see how he was doing as I was on my way to my Add Math class. My mother kept me posted about his condition via text messages. And all I could do was pray and leave my father's health in God's Hands.

My father should be recuperating but always being the obstinate one, he wants to work tomorrow. Boy, do I know where I got my stubbornness from. Anyway, he still has to get a few medical check-ups and I hope he does it.

If it's not too much to ask, please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.

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