A Japanese Introduction

I attended a Japanese talk at school today. The speaker was a Japanese dude and try as I might, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying 90% of the time. And I didn't even laugh as I was trying really hard to comprehend the messages coming out of his mouth -but to no avail. It was not an easy feat and the friend beside me kept asking me what the speaker had mentioned. I had only understood words like Japan and Japanese. I guess it didn't matter since I am not really planning on pursuing my studies in Japan.

In lieu of my attempt at lipreading, I could decipher that he was constantly comparing how advanced Japan is and how advanced Malaysia isn't. That, I couldn't help but agree. It was a little degrading, but sadly, very true.

The speaker had given us a sheet of paper with song lyrics printed on it. I couldn't understand any of it except the words Best Friend and that was because it was the title of the song. Most of the talk was occupied with selected students donning the Japanese costumes and striking poses for the camera while we watched the whole thing go down with tepid interest. If you were to tote the number of times a friend and I yawned throughout the whole talk and costume session, it would probably be more than 4 squared.

I'm still glad I went for the talk because it definitely beats staying in class during free periods doing nothing.

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