Almost Tardy

Since today was a school holiday, I slept in. Nobody woke me up and I wasn't expecting them to. My father was at work; my mother was running some errands; my brother was at university. So I enjoyed the extra hours of sleep.

It would have been OK if I hadn't woken up at 1:15PM. A friend was coming to pick me up at 2PM for a Chemistry class. I try to avoid tardiness at all costs thanks to the importance of punctuality that has been etched on my head by my mother.

45 minutes was actually enough to get up, make the bed, brush teeth, bathe, prepare lunch and masticate. Although I do remember having a brief bout of indigestion. Other than that, it was all good.

I have to commend my brother for having the uncanny ability of getting ready in less than 30 minutes. And by getting ready, I mean getting up, making the bed (which I doubt he does anymore), bathing, changing, packing his reading materials/stuff, unlocking the several padlocks on the house gates and driving the car out. The whole shebang; all under 30 minutes. No kidding. He's a pro by now. The funny thing is, I do not wish to follow his footsteps in his methods of preparation.

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