29 Going On 30

My mother is finally back from the native home of wombats, kangaroos and koalas. It is great to see her. I also need to feed my body some healthy food.

Earlier in the day, I did the 2007 Additional Mathematics Competition paper as the teacher had given each one of us sets of papers from past competitions beginning from year 2003. The time limit was an hour and a half and there were 20 questions. The rules were as simple as that.

The questions, however, were anything but simple. I couldn't do about a quarter of the paper. Moreover, I had exceeded the time limit when I was at my tenth question. I am doomed. Also, I am not feeling so hopeful anymore. But I'll still do my best as this is for God, not me.

And to the young and kicking cousin sister of mine: Selamat Hari Jadi ke-30, Lene! You may be thirty but I truly believe you can fool anyone about your age. You're that young. And cool. And hip. And awesome. My father envies you as he isn't thirty anymore. So enjoy being "30, flirty and thriving". 30 is a great number. It's an even number. And it's half of 60. (OK, just messing on that last part.) God bless you.


Anonymous said...

hi darling,

thanks for the wishes on your blog... yes yes it is half of 60!!! rub it in... hahahaha
very sweet and totful.....

love ya cousin...

Justine said...

You're welcome! :D