I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again. The average number of subjects a fifth-former sits for in the SPM examination is 10. Back in the olden days -I mean, my parents' days- even 8 subjects had been considered an arduous feat. So obviously 21 subjects would be an inexplicably impossible challenge; regardless of what era this is. 21 subjects is almost twice as many as the number of papers I'll be sitting for in SPM, which is 11.

Nothing is impossible, you say. Right you are, I say.

The revelation of the SPM results of 2007 yesterday unveiled the amazing achievement of The Boy Who May Not Be Human. I really don't know how he did it. I hate to admit this but it is quite a struggle for me with only 11 subjects on my plate. And bam! He aced 21 subjects. 21A's. Unbelievable.

His accomplishment is a little bit mind-boggling to me and I cannot imagine the amount of effort he must've invested. I wonder if he had watched any TV throughout the year? If he has ever heard of Heroes? If he has gone at least a little bit delirious at one point? If he had consumed too much coffee?

As you can tell, just thinking about the outcome of the exam has driven me a little barmy. And it's only March.


I'll be better tomorrow. I hope.

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