Pray For Him

Today was quite an overwhelming day. The first half of the day had been overwhelmingly good. And the other half was just overwhelmingly terrifying. Good because I had found out that I did well in my class position based on the monthly test. Terrifying because my father nearly collapsed at the office today due to excruciating chest pains. He had to be put on drips and got an injection. He hasn't been eating much whenever he's hungry and hasn't drunken any water for the past 3 days because he "couldn't find time".

I couldn't help but lecture him the minute I saw him. You don't starve yourself when you're a 59-year-old father. And you certainly don't devoid your body of water for 3 days. That was inexcusable. I am truly thankful that he is in front of the TV right now. I was scared out of my wits when my mother got the call from his business partner. I couldn't even see how he was doing as I was on my way to my Add Math class. My mother kept me posted about his condition via text messages. And all I could do was pray and leave my father's health in God's Hands.

My father should be recuperating but always being the obstinate one, he wants to work tomorrow. Boy, do I know where I got my stubbornness from. Anyway, he still has to get a few medical check-ups and I hope he does it.

If it's not too much to ask, please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.


29 Going On 30

My mother is finally back from the native home of wombats, kangaroos and koalas. It is great to see her. I also need to feed my body some healthy food.

Earlier in the day, I did the 2007 Additional Mathematics Competition paper as the teacher had given each one of us sets of papers from past competitions beginning from year 2003. The time limit was an hour and a half and there were 20 questions. The rules were as simple as that.

The questions, however, were anything but simple. I couldn't do about a quarter of the paper. Moreover, I had exceeded the time limit when I was at my tenth question. I am doomed. Also, I am not feeling so hopeful anymore. But I'll still do my best as this is for God, not me.

And to the young and kicking cousin sister of mine: Selamat Hari Jadi ke-30, Lene! You may be thirty but I truly believe you can fool anyone about your age. You're that young. And cool. And hip. And awesome. My father envies you as he isn't thirty anymore. So enjoy being "30, flirty and thriving". 30 is a great number. It's an even number. And it's half of 60. (OK, just messing on that last part.) God bless you.



The above isn't me cursing. (I don't curse.) It's some of the mathematical symbols in Additional Mathematics. Today, I did revision on 14 chapters as preparation for the Additional Mathematics quiz. 14 in one day. I am spent.

It's not often that I sit down and read Math. I don't even read Math, to begin with; this is something new to me. However, I had to read it instead of jump straight to solving questions this time as my memory had failed me and I seemed to have forgotten some mathematical formulas in the fourth-form syllabus. I still have one more chapter, which is the only one I repulse out of the 15 chapters, to go -Statistics. I'd always solve a stat question begrudgingly. I hope it'll be different this time around because I can't afford to conjure aversive emotions toward questions during the quiz as the allocated time might be insufficient. It would also be a tad abnormal to do so.

I asked the teacher if the chances of there being a question requiring us to plot a graph were high and her reply had been, "Yes, very high." Snap. If a graph question were to be asked, it would quite likely be in accordance with Statistics as ogives and/or histograms carry a lot of marks. Aye.

I hope the formulas remain swimming in my head until Wednesday; or better yet, until the end of the year. And I also hope the Additional Mathematics formulas don't get mixed up with the Physics formulas in my head. That would be bad.


Green Glory

Today was a momentous day for the school -Sports Day. The last time I actually showed an interest in Sports Day and made the effort to go to the stadium where the event was held had been 4 years back during my first year of high school; when I was a law-abiding student. Not that I am not one now; just not as fearful of the school laws as I used to be.

Since this is my last year of high school, I decided that it was only right that I showed up at the annual event this year. Apart from the scorching sun, droning speeches and utter ennui, Sports Day was pretty good. I enjoyed watching the contingents march in synchrony. It was also amusing to watch the teachers vie for the top spot in the game contrived especially for the teachers.

The finale had been spectacular. The whole school gathered on the track in huddles to listen in anticipation for the Sports House winner of 2008 to be announced. Back in 2004, my House -Green a.k.a. Ruth- had claimed the second spot. This year, however, we bagged the title as champion. I was sunburned. I was grungy. But I clapped till my palms were sore.

The euphoria and eruption of cheers made dragging myself to the stadium today worth it. It concluded with the Green House president bellowing, "Hip hip-" and we continued in triumph, "Hooray!" It was a great moment. We won. Go Ruth!


A Japanese Introduction

I attended a Japanese talk at school today. The speaker was a Japanese dude and try as I might, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying 90% of the time. And I didn't even laugh as I was trying really hard to comprehend the messages coming out of his mouth -but to no avail. It was not an easy feat and the friend beside me kept asking me what the speaker had mentioned. I had only understood words like Japan and Japanese. I guess it didn't matter since I am not really planning on pursuing my studies in Japan.

In lieu of my attempt at lipreading, I could decipher that he was constantly comparing how advanced Japan is and how advanced Malaysia isn't. That, I couldn't help but agree. It was a little degrading, but sadly, very true.

The speaker had given us a sheet of paper with song lyrics printed on it. I couldn't understand any of it except the words Best Friend and that was because it was the title of the song. Most of the talk was occupied with selected students donning the Japanese costumes and striking poses for the camera while we watched the whole thing go down with tepid interest. If you were to tote the number of times a friend and I yawned throughout the whole talk and costume session, it would probably be more than 4 squared.

I'm still glad I went for the talk because it definitely beats staying in class during free periods doing nothing.


Sport Factor

Yesterday, my classmates and I had Physical Education in school. It was also the last day the temporary P.E. teacher would be teaching us. The teacher is, by far, the best P.E. teacher I've ever had in all of my schooling years. I don't think we'll ever have another dedicated teacher who will introduce us to just about any sport. And I don't think I'll ever have another P.E. teacher who could make me look forward to P.E. because that was just impossible -before the teacher came.

The game we played yesterday during P.E. was touch rugby. The class was divided into two groups. The group I was in was completely sedentary so it was just as well that I was in it since I don't have an athletic bone in my body. While the other group was running all over the place and making loud noises, my group was staring at the grass, talking to each other or shielding from the blazing sunlight. I was no exception. I was in the staring-at-the-grass category. The contrast between the two groups was so stark it was hilarious. Finally, the teacher came over to our group and keyed us up and we finally started the game. I had gladly volunteered to be the benchwarmer but the teacher said no. We (Read: My group excluding me) finally got really into it but the other group was still a lot better than us. No matter. I had fun; even though I wasn't really participating.

Since we were playing touch rugby, the common expletive had been, "Touch the shoulder!" in lieu of "Get the ball!" That was another funny part of the game because many were screaming, "Touch the shoulder! Touch the shoulder! Shoulder! Now!" And some would just scream for no reason. And a few would scream when they got the ball. I'm not sure if that's a sport ethic or not.

When the lesson was over, the teacher gave a very touching parting speech and gave each and every one of us something to remember the teacher by. It was probably the best P.E. lesson I've ever had. The teacher will be greatly missed.


Quiz Catharsis

After musing deeply about the pros (1) and cons (8) of my participating in the History quiz, I decided to pull out of the competition. Yes, I am a quitter.

The teacher wasn't too happy about it. She had trudged over to me in school today and ordered sternly, "You will join." She had earlier mentioned something about having the authority of a dictator and not accepting my refusal.

I had my rational excuse ready to be whipped out. I told her I was also participating in other competitions and wouldn't be able to finish all the History materials in time for the quiz. Knowing full well that the winner would be determined by the average score of the four representatives, I dropped the bomb -quite literally. "I will drop the average grade," I deadpanned. Her smile faltered. I quickly suggested a name and the student accepted it. The student had initially refused to participate as well but for some reason, accepted it this time. Sweet relief.

I just know that it was one of my smartest decisions to pull out based on a lot of reasons. At least now they have a real and big chance of winning without me getting in the way and ruining everything. And I've got one less thing to worry about now as well because I already have got a lot going on in my mind.

The Additional Mathematics competition is next Wednesday, exactly a week from now. The Physics competition is next Thursday, the following day. I launched into a minor panic attack today upon being informed the dates. I don't have much time.

I'll just do my best, and God will do the rest. (That wasn't supposed to intentionally rhyme.)


Quizzes Galore

As of today, I am a school representative for the following subjects:
a) Additional Mathematics
b) Physics
c) History (K.I.V.)
d) Robotics competition

I don't know which is worse -the thought of the substantial amount of materials I will have to cover in a short time or the actual quizzes themselves or the fact that my school has been the winner for 3 years running. Or all of the 3 combined. I think I'm burning brain cells just pondering it.

How did this happen? Only smart people get culled for these kinda stuff. Certainly not me. And History! I just happened to score my highest ever in History for the monthly test this year and now I'm one of the four determined-to-win school representatives? It was just a one-time thing. Needless to say, I am the weakest link of the four. Hah. No big surprise.

All of the quizzes will be ongoing throughout the course of the month of April -which gives me insufficient time to prepare for the madly difficult quizzes. I've been informed:
a) The Additional Mathematics quiz will be at the sixth form level of difficulty. I'm in fifth form.
b) The time allocated for each question and/or calculation for the Physics quiz is only 60 seconds. I am clumsy with scientific calculators under pressure.
c) The History quiz will cover all the syllabus of first form, second form, third form and fifth form. I loathe History.
d) Robots, computers, programming. Enough said.

This is definitely payback for enjoying the state of unease my friends are always in during Biology lessons at school. It is just sad that the only dilemmas I seem to be having are all associated with school and subjects.



Easter Day

My father, a friend and I went to the mall today. The friend had initially declined my invitation to join us but finally called back and admitted, "I actually need to get some new storybooks." Fantastic. So the both of us spent an eternity or so at the bookstore before heading to the theatre for a movie as my father did his own shopping around the 4 interlinked malls.

We ran into a little math problem at the bookstore since we were using this coupon which rebated RM15 upon purchase of books worth >RM100 and had to combine the total price of the books under one transaction. It was so easy but it took me a while to figure it out. The friend gave up trying upon discovering that I'm a school representative for the Additional Mathematics competition this year. Needless to say, it was an embarrassing moment when I had blurted, "Eureka!" after a few minutes when the faulty light bulb finally went off in my head. Shame on me, seriously.

Post-mall, the friend came back to my house and I wrapped our new books. Then, we studied. Quite unbelievable but that's what we did. We went through Acid and Base of Chemistry at least thrice and questioned each other many times. Somehow, it dawned on me that studying with another friend is much faster and efficacious than studying solo or with a group. I've done a couple of group studies before and they had been absolutely pointless but fun. Studying isn't supposed to be fun so we had gone wrong somewhere then. I think I'm going to do pair study -if that's what it's called- more often now. Or at least, try to keep away from group study.

Today, overall, was a splendid day. Jesus beat death today many years ago and we can be rest assured that He truly is the Messiah for anything is possible through Christ. Happy Easter Day.

"'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23


He Helped

It is days like today that my brother is a big help.

I had to print the E.S.T. presentation handouts today. The problem was that I was using OpenOffice Impress and not Microsoft Office PowerPoint so the printing and layout options were a little different. I couldn't figure out how to print the slides according to the specifications for the E.S.T. assignment. I sought help from my brother and after a few futile attempts, he gave up. (He uses Microsoft Office PowerPoint on his laptop.)

The thing is, I very well know he's capable of doing it -or anything, really- because he's a hardcore computer geek. If he really wanted to, he could do it -I've noticed this over the years. Since he is reluctant to help me (most of the time), I had expected him to just leave me to fend for myself. I tried -but to no avail. I was almost on the verge of tearing up. Almost. Not only do I need to get it done for myself, but for my group members as well. If the whole project went awry, I plead guilty.

Then, miracle of miracles, my brother called me, gave me some instructions and asked me to try printing the handouts again. I did as told. This time, the handouts came out exactly as stated in the regulations. I knew he could do it. Problem solved. Thanks to my brother.


Good Day

Today, my schoolmates and I had school off because it was Good Friday and the school was (and still is) a Methodist school as the name insinuates.

I woke up to an empty house this afternoon. Everyone was away. After my BM class, I came back to an empty house. Everyone was still away. I was home alone all day. I hope my mother is having a good time there. She and my aunt landed safely this morning under God's protection.

It was indeed a Good Friday. It is always a blessing to know that my sins are forgiven as Jesus had took it upon the cross many years ago when He made the ultimate sacrifice. Praise Jesus Christ!


Reading 101?

My mother and aunt has left for the land down under today. I pray that they touch down safe, sound and cold (because of the cool and great weather there). I would have tagged along if wagging school and classes were an option.

Today, I have finally come to accept the fact that I can't, in fact, finish the adult book I said I'd read back in December. That was merely wishful thinking. I even returned the book to its rightful owner today after keeping it untouched for 3 months now. Still, it is the furthest I've ever gone to read of an adult book -page 63. Hooray!

(To You-Know-Who-You-Are, I know you said I should seriously start reading adult novels from now on and quit reading what I'm reading now. I'm sorry. I tried, I failed. I think the reader in me is experiencing a stunted growth. But I'll try to start. Soon. Possibly.)



After school today, a friend and I went for a movie because we were both bored, have no school for the next 2 days and had reason to have a minor celebration as our test results weren't too bad, thankfully. Our conversation in school had went something like this:

Friend: I'm bored.
Justine: Ditto.
Friend: ...
Justine: ...
Friend: Wanna hang out later?
Justine: OK!

And so, we spent the rest of the day after school at the mall. Now, I've got to return to my accumulating homework. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be holidays but since I've got quite a number of homework and assignments to complete during the 2 days, I refuse to call the 2 days holidays.


Keeper of Time

Today was an interesting day; definitely one of the most interesting days since the beginning of the year. Today was the semi-finals of the public speaking competition. It was hosted at my school. I wasn't the school representative. I was the timekeeper.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of the competition that didn't require me to speak in public -it was a mute job. The friend who had assigned me as timekeeper and who was also the chairman of the competition had warned me beforehand that the day will probably be a bore as there will inevitably be some somniferous speeches.

Well, it wasn't boring for me in the slightest ways. I was astounded by the participants' sheer ability to speak so well in front of a large audience with aloofness. They exuded confidence and had that stare-you-down look. They also made it look like it was just a piece of cake; almost effortless. Some of them were so hilarious (in a good way) that I didn't know if it had been intentional or inadvertent. I couldn't contain my laughter and had to bite my tongue regularly.

The bell wasn't really cooperating with me throughout the competition. It was barely audible and wouldn't even sound at times. However, the stopwatch was fully functional and didn't give me any problems.

When the second round which was the impromptu speech rolled about, I had wanted to count the number of times each participant had mouthed the word harmony since it was in the title of the given topic. I couldn't in the end since I had to keep the time. I'd probably lose count anyway because the word harmony was in every sentence uttered.

27 schools had participated but only 10 were chosen to advance into the next round. The top 10 will proceed to the finals next Monday. The student who represented my school was among the ten and definitely deserved it.

In a nutshell, I had enjoyed keeping time in silence.


Thrive by Five

It was a splendid day at school today. We didn't do any studying and didn't get any homework. Since the monthly test had ended just before the semester break began, this is the period when the teachers hand the test papers back to the students. My classmates and I got 5 papers back today: Physics, Additional Mathematics, History, English and Modern Mathematics.

In all modesty, I'm glad to say I did well for all the 5 papers. Since I had obtained good grade after good grade for 5 consecutive papers, tomorrow is bound to be a bad day for me because it can't get any better than today. History was an astonishing one since I was adamant that I'd suck. I didn't suck. At all. Why, I don't know. This is a one-time thing so I'm going to be happy about it and not fret about there not being a next time. I am expecting the worst for the papers tomorrow.

Anyway, this is merely a trivial monthly test and is nothing for me to gloat (and grumble) about. And I'd still like to give thanks and glory to God.


Made by God

A friend came over today after church for the EST group project/assignment on brain prosthesis. After the friend left, I continued scouring the World Wide Web and stumbled upon some cosmic and breathtaking pictures that piqued my interest. I am not one who often blogs in photos but I'll make it an exception today.

The Earth is pretty huge, I thought.

Jupiter is pretty enormous, I mused.

The Earth isn't so big anymore, I realised.

The Solar System is pretty miniscule, I surmised.

I stopped thinking.

Who says God isn't Awesome? We are mere specks of dust -even smaller than a grain of rice- in this immensely vast Universe and yet we can be sure that we are forever under His care and watch.

This is what God the LORD says— He who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and all that comes out of it, who gives breath to its people, and life to those who walk on it. Isaiah 42:5


"Chips Coming to a Brain Near You"

My brain has been messed up today. I'm sure all the screws in it are loose and the brain strings are entangled. Hypothetically speaking.

Today, I did some online research on the topic for the EST group project and presentation due the week after next. The topic is on brain prosthesis -a silicon chip that is still in the works to replace and mimic the hippocampus of the brain. It can't get any more biological than that. (Don't get hippocampus confused with hippopotamus. The former is a brain part while the latter is not.)

I had just finished my Accounts homework when I forcefully read numerous tedious and somniferous articles on brain prosthesis on the World Wide Web. I was only a few minutes done processing all the accounting terms in my head before medical and biological jargon pervaded my mind. And I don't even like Biology. Nay, I am not even learning Biology. And brain prosthesis is analogous to biology. It is Biology.

End rant, I concede that I'm actually not allowed to kvetch and whine since it was yours truly who proposed the idea. Yes, it was I who suggested it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Maybe I need the chip. However, it probably wouldn't be ready until the next decade. It took 10 years in the making and is at the early stages of testing on live animals.

I shall stop now.


Lost, Found and Lost Again

After the minor test in my BM class this morning, I went out with a friend who has returned from abroad and my cousin sister -the elder one. The friend came to pick me up and we headed to my cousin sister's house. We got lost on the way there but managed to reach our destination with the help of my cousin sister.

After a delicious homemade meal by my benevolent aunt, friend, cousin and I went to watch 10, 000 B.C. The movie exceeded our expectations by about ten-folds.

Then we hung out at the mall for two lifetimes. I should state that I am not a good shopping partner; unless the shopping items involve books. And the books should be of the same category as the books I enjoy. Otherwise, I'm a completely hopeless shopping buddy.

The friend and I left about 8:30PM and only got back around 10PM. We got lost (multiple times); what with my bad sense of direction and the friend's unfamiliarity with the highway we took. We called my cousin sister for help (three times) and she told us to take a couple of turns -all of which we cleverly missed. I'd just like to mention that the signboards on the roads are completely pointless. We had passed about 10 signboards before finally seeing the name of the place we were heading to. Most of the signboards were also hidden behind foliage. It also didn't help that the windscreen was inundated with fog and water thanks to the rain. Not that I'm blaming the signboards, trees and/or rain.

Finally, we stopped by a petrol station and asked for directions. I owe my thanks to my cousin sister for giving us this useful bit of advice and for her patience. And also for today as I had a fantastic time. Thanks to the friend, too. Have a safe trip back to Japan.

Conclusion: I may be a bad driver. I am a bad shopper. I suck.



I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again. The average number of subjects a fifth-former sits for in the SPM examination is 10. Back in the olden days -I mean, my parents' days- even 8 subjects had been considered an arduous feat. So obviously 21 subjects would be an inexplicably impossible challenge; regardless of what era this is. 21 subjects is almost twice as many as the number of papers I'll be sitting for in SPM, which is 11.

Nothing is impossible, you say. Right you are, I say.

The revelation of the SPM results of 2007 yesterday unveiled the amazing achievement of The Boy Who May Not Be Human. I really don't know how he did it. I hate to admit this but it is quite a struggle for me with only 11 subjects on my plate. And bam! He aced 21 subjects. 21A's. Unbelievable.

His accomplishment is a little bit mind-boggling to me and I cannot imagine the amount of effort he must've invested. I wonder if he had watched any TV throughout the year? If he has ever heard of Heroes? If he has gone at least a little bit delirious at one point? If he had consumed too much coffee?

As you can tell, just thinking about the outcome of the exam has driven me a little barmy. And it's only March.


I'll be better tomorrow. I hope.


Home Alone

Today, I was home alone all day. I'm glad I was able to accomplish several things in the peace of my own home. I did what I had to do (H to the W) and what I wanted to do (read). The book I am currently reading has a main character with my brother's name. It will not be easy reading it. But I'll read it anyway because the synopsis seems intriguing. Plus, it garnered rave reviews.

My father asked me a simple question today which I couldn't for the life of me figure out the answer to. He had asked, "What's MSN?" I never took the liberty to ask anyone or find out what the acronym stands for. It is actually short for Microsoft Network. You may or may not know this already. I didn't. Now I do.

Today was also the day the SPM results of 2007 were released. I am just picturing myself bracing for the results a year from now, after my SPM examination this year. Will I be brimming with tears of joy? Or shedding tears of chagrin? I suppose that's for God to know and me to find out. And, of course, I have to work for it -nolens volens. Hopefully, I'll be able to succeed and bring glory to God. If I don't succeed, I'll still bring glory to God; one way or the other.


Almost Tardy

Since today was a school holiday, I slept in. Nobody woke me up and I wasn't expecting them to. My father was at work; my mother was running some errands; my brother was at university. So I enjoyed the extra hours of sleep.

It would have been OK if I hadn't woken up at 1:15PM. A friend was coming to pick me up at 2PM for a Chemistry class. I try to avoid tardiness at all costs thanks to the importance of punctuality that has been etched on my head by my mother.

45 minutes was actually enough to get up, make the bed, brush teeth, bathe, prepare lunch and masticate. Although I do remember having a brief bout of indigestion. Other than that, it was all good.

I have to commend my brother for having the uncanny ability of getting ready in less than 30 minutes. And by getting ready, I mean getting up, making the bed (which I doubt he does anymore), bathing, changing, packing his reading materials/stuff, unlocking the several padlocks on the house gates and driving the car out. The whole shebang; all under 30 minutes. No kidding. He's a pro by now. The funny thing is, I do not wish to follow his footsteps in his methods of preparation.



Today was the fourth day of the school semester break which lasts for 10 days. The only thing I've been doing for the past 3 days was read 5 books. So my brain wasn't exactly up to much -until today, that is.

Today, I had to think, manipulate, analyse, comprehend, evaluate, deduce and calculate. The reasons behind the multiple usage of my brain cells would be Chemistry, Accounts and Additional Mathematics. Or also known as homework. In a way, I like homework because it challenges and awakens the mind. In another way, I loathe it beyond words because it is time-consuming and entails hair-pulling.

Conclusion: I feel neutral towards homework. This reminds me of neutralisation in Chemistry. But I'm not going to talk about it because I'm sure you know that by adding acid with alkali, you get salt and water.


Book Buddy

I am pleased with how the elections went; though not as ecstatic about it as the rest of my family are since they had stayed up until 4AM to watch the news last night/this morning. After fifty years, there is finally a change in the ruling coalition -as mentioned here.

To celebrate (kind of), my father suggested that we head over to a mall. This is a Sunday custom so it wasn't much of a celebration. A friend tagged along with us after church. Unsurprisingly, the both of us spent the whole time there at the bookstore. Even though I've spent a substantial amount of time at bookstores by myself, perusing and glancing at books with a friend who is also a book buddy and relishes books as much as I do (but has better self-control) is much more enjoyable.


Election Day

Today was a momentous day for the country -Election Day. My family and I have been keeping our eyes glued to the TV screen for the past several hours for continuous updates on the results. In fact, my father, mother and brother are still in front of the TV as I'm typing this.

Since I am the least acquainted with politics, I wasn't able to engage in their heated up discussions about their strong opinions; which is unanimous, fortunately. Still, it is nice to spend some family time together -even if I was reading a book as they were conversing with political jargon.

It is quite amazing to think that I'll be able to vote when the next election rolls around. I hope I'll make the right decision then as I'm sure my parents have today.

Although I am a little too bias about which party is in my favour, I trust that everything will go according to God's plan; whether the party I'd like to see win wins or not.

Now, allow me to return to be in front of the TV screen and wait in fervent anticipation with my family.


Lookin' Forward to It

My family and I were supposed to head down to Malacca tomorrow for a two-day vacation. Visiting Malacca at least thrice a year has been a family tradition since I was five. This is why my brother and I are quite -OK, make that extremely- jaded about any trips to Malacca. We visit the same place, eat the same food and stay in the same hotel -every single time we are there. Memorised itinerary, I call it.

However, I was actually looking forward to the trip tomorrow; for the first time ever. I haven't been spending a lot of time with my family. It's usually with a single member of the family at different times of the day; but seldom together. Father's been busy with work. Mother's been busy with friends. Brother's been busy with university. I've been busy with school.

Considering how much my parents know my brother and I despise the place, it would take something huge to make them cancel the trip. I know it's not on our account. It's because tomorrow is Election Day. They've got to vote and it isn't very safe to travel on an important day for the country, as told by my mother.

The good news (for me) and bad news (for my brother) is that my parents will be postponing the trip; not canceling it entirely. We might head down there next weekend. I hope my looking-forward-to-it lasts till then.


What A Day

Today was a peculiar day of sorts. A myriad of strange events (to me) occurred today. My take on the respective oddities today are:

1- My classmates felt the pressing need to kill me today because the Biology test was tough and I was graciously spared from it. My lips had somehow refused to listen to my brain and stop smiling. It was making a lot of people mad.
2- I was given a little briefing on the methods of devising an impromptu speech at school today; along with the other public speaking finalists. Apparently, a school representative hasn't been culled yet. When is it going to end, seriously? Also, the school is the host for the competition of the district level this year.
3- I was chosen as one of the three school representatives for state level in a very time-consuming and stress-inducing robotic competition -in which I will undoubtedly fail miserably and humiliatingly. Although, I am honoured to be even selected.
4- I got kicked out of a spelling competition in school today. The word had been phoney. I spelled phony. My bad. I am terrible at distinguishing British English from American English.
5- Today was the last day of the monthly test. I actually squealed in delight when I was finally able to more than just lay a finger on the barely-touched storybooks. My days of craving are over; for the time being.
6- No school from tomorrow onwards until the Monday after next. However, the joy is short-lived because there is ample amount of tasks courtesy of the school. There goes the semester break. I'll take it anyway.

Weird but highly eventful day.


Language of The Clever

Being in a class brimming with brainiacs, (unintentionally) eavesdropping on an argument/conversation between smarty-pants(es) is inevitable. The following is an exchange between three genius classmates that I had heard in school today (as it happened right in front of me), right before the Modern Mathematics paper.

Genius 1: You are definitely going to ace the test.
Genius 2: Yeah, right. You will get the highest mark for it.
Genius 3: True that. I'd really like to borrow your brain for the test.
Genius 2: Please. You're going to do great.
Genius 1: Duh. You're smart.
Genius 2: Yeah. Unlike me -so dumb.
Genius 3: Come on! I'm dumb.
Genius 1: No. I'm dumb.
Genius 2: Then I'm the dumbest.

At this point of the nonsensical and pointless bickering between three straight-A students, I couldn't help but to interject, “Hmm. So this is how smart people argue? Interesting...”

Three heads swiveled in my direction. They looked more than ready to give me an entire speech on how "not" smart they are. That is modesty at its highest level. Fortunately, I was spared from it because the test was about to start.

(Of course, the above conversation was edited and abridged. The actual conversation had Physics and Biology terminologies in it.)


Pooh's #1 Fan

Today was Day 2 of the first monthly test. It was also the day an extraordinary friend of mine turned seventeen. This post is dedicated to her.

It kind of sucks to have to study and revise on your birthday since early March is always the season of monthly tests. And it downright sucks to have to study History (of all subjects) on your birthday. But I suppose if you're optimistic enough, you'll see that it is a birthday spent solely on knowledge -which doesn't sound so bad.

We have been friends even before middle school -at about age 6. She is a God-fearing person who possesses 95% good qualities and that is something you can't find in a person these days. (95% is a lot considering I probably have about 3%. Or less. That's the big difference between us. Boon and bane. She and I.) I truly am thankful that God has placed her in my life because she is a good confidant, leader, follower and above all, friend.

Even though she shrieks at the sight of any creepy crawlies, loves pink and all things cute, adores babies and likes Winnie the Pooh in a bizarre way, she will always remain a cherished friend of mine. (Not that I have any aversion to pink, all things cute, babies and Pooh.)

All glammed up on the runway as a model for a Christian conference in 2007.

She always places God first above everything and for that, I look up to her in reverence. And wish to emulate her. I believe that God will use her for His will in a really special way -now and also in the future.

Selamat Hari Jadi ke-17, Amelia!


Day 1 of 4

Today was the first day of my last first monthly test.

I'd like to say that I didn't lay a finger on the books, so I'll say it: I didn't lay a finger on the books. I didn't succumb. I merely ogled at the books with earnest and tortured longing. This is an improvement.

Tomorrow's papers are Additional Mathematics, Physics, English and English for Science and Technology -3 of which are my favourite subjects.

The test ends on Thursday. 1 day down. 3 more to go.


A Very Bad Idea. Again.


I bought 6 new storybooks today. Six. Yep. And they are all so very interesting and enticing.

I saw my cousin sister today and she was kind enough to remind me, "Your test starts tomorrow." Yes, I am aware of that. But thank you for reminding me.


I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.
I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.
I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.
I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.
I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.
I will not lay a finger on the books until the test is over.

Now, I shall wrap the books first before I restrain from laying a finger on them. Tomorrow.


Still a Bad Idea

I've finished the book. It was definitely made of awesome.

I'm reading a new one now. I think it is ridiculously obvious that I, Future Justine, have a hard time heeding my own advice.

Still. I made sure the book I'm reading now is completely boring; so I don't have the persisting urge to read it 24-7 and finish it. Besides, any book from my stack of pending books-to-be-read would be boring now that I've just finished a truly epic and satisfying book.

I need some restrictions. Aiyaya.