Load Off My Shoulders

The public speaking competition was, I hate to admit, quite a rewarding experience. I was a bundle of nerves throughout the day and my friends were also nervous for me. They were so supportive that they had even went to the extent of sneaking into the hall to see me do it. Thankfully, the teacher wasn't in class then or they would've gotten into trouble.

All the public speaking contestants were supposed to draw lots for the first round to determine the contestants' order but I immediately volunteered to go second as another contestant had volunteered to be the first one to present the prepared speech. My goal was to get it over with as soon as I could.

I was pacing non-stop in the hall before my turn was up. There were certain blunders I had made, i.e. swallowing an entire paragraph -though I doubt anyone had noticed- and talking too fast. Once I was done with my prepared speech, I felt like I could continue with my life again.

Then came the second round. I was hoping to get eliminated but it wasn't to my favour. I was chosen to enter the second round which was the impromptu speech along with 5 other contestants. It was completely nerve-wrecking as the question was somewhat a bolt from the blue. We were given 2 minutes to prepare a 3-minute speech. Needless to say, there was a lot of stammering involved when it came to my turn.

I walked out of the competition knowing that I had done my best, realising what phenomenal and great friends I have as well as feeling more overwhelmed as God had been with me through it all and when I needed Him most.

I did it. It's over. I am feeling euphoric.

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