Test Letdowns

I had two minor tests at school today: Additional Mathematics and History.

I was about 92% prepared for the Add Math paper and 83% prepared for the History paper. I was a tad too eager to sit for both the papers, do my best and get it over with.

However, both papers were a bit of a letdown. I'm not insinuating that the questions were easy. What I meant was that both papers were not done entirely out of 100% effort by my classmates and myself.

In the case of the Add Math paper, the teacher had allowed us to discuss the test questions with a class partner. In fact, I think she had ordered it. That was quite upsetting for me.

For the History paper, however, tips were shooting out of everyone's mouths all day. There were some students from other classes who had sat for it earlier and pointed out the exact pages at which the questions will be asked on. And to my dismay, the tips -or rather, paper leakage- were right on target. Every single question that was asked, we had known earlier.

Wasn't exactly a test anymore, was it? Pfft.

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