My History of History

History is a subject I completely and undeniably loathe. And even that is an understatement. I've got a History test tomorrow and made myself revise for it yesterday and today. I believe I even yelled out at one point, "Who cares how many hospitals there were in 1895?"

It is always frustrating and painstaking for me to sit down and study History. Especially when there is an enticing book begging to be read; right in front of my eyes.

I am more adept at understanding, not memorising. Unfortunately, History is just a huge chunk of incomprehensible facts. Kind of like Biology. Hence, my act of dropping Biology. If only History is an optional subject.

I vividly remember what my study partner and I did two years ago to prepare for the PMR History paper. We had constantly deluded ourselves by telling ourselves (and each other) that we love History; about 20 times a day. We had also studied for it, of course. I guess the affirmation did pay off in the end because we had managed to snag an A for it. Which still remains as a shock to me till this day.

Anyway, my point is: History is pointless. To me, I mean. And I have a bad memory.

Disclaimer: Sorry, this entry isn't intended to offend any History-loving person.

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