My classmates and I did absolutely nothing in school today. For the first half of the school day, every subject teacher (except for Additional Mathematics) didn't enter the class. For the second half of the school day after recess, we had to go to the hall to listen to an oration by a dude from Oxford University -we were (allegedly) informed. The oration was hugely disappointing for too many reasons.

There wasn't any homework from school today.

After school, I had an Additional Mathematics class. There wasn't any homework from that class as well.

This doesn't happen very often. Probably the first and the last time. Today was a great Monday.


Eric said...

Today was a national holiday for us, so no school at all. Still had homework, though. :( Too bad.

Justine said...

Homework on a non-schooling day? I feel your pain. That happens to me most of the time as well. At times, I have more homework during the holidays than during the actual school days.