'Healthy' is The Word

The dinner tonight was one like any other night. Except for one colossal exception: My mother had made it. Since this only happens once biennially, tonight's dinner is definitely something to expound on.

It was, to sum it in one word, healthy. To describe it in more than one word: Overly healthy. She had steamed multigrained rice instead of the normal white rice. The dish of vegetables didn't even have a drop of oil. The fish was steamed and completely fresh. It was a very unusual dinner as we are always eating outside food for every meal of every day; which I know isn't always healthy. To consume extremely healthy home-cooked food was a tad too bizarre, seriously. The fact that my mother had made it makes it even more weird -but I mean that in a good way.

The food was so healthy that my brother had even complained, "I should have eaten outside tonight." I believe I only ate 5 or so mouthfuls of the abnormal-tasting rice. I cannot reiterate more about how healthy it was.

It is quite ironic and funny how we respond to healthy home-cooked food and unhealthy outside food. Although I am very grateful to be able to eat good, clean and healthy food cooked by my mother, I think we should stick to outside food. I have a strong hunch that my brother seconds that notion. However, if my mother decides to cook meals from hereon now, well, good for her. I mean, us.

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