Consequential Day

Today was anything but vapid. My whole family woke up quite early this morning to head to the mall. My brother and I were in dire need of new raiment. Most of my pants are ancient and one tore yesterday (when I was at the mall) due to old age. The last time my brother had a new piece of clothing would be 3 years ago. So, now that we're all stocked up, we don't have to get anymore new clothes until, say, 2010. Unless we grow out of it.

Amazingly, my mother didn't purchase a single piece of clothing throughout the whole shopping spree. I think it might have had to do with the fact that she had her hands full culling clothes for my brother and me to even sneak a glance at the clothes she likes.

My brother and I then made our way to the Apple store to check out the incase protective covers for the iPod nano. They are insanely exorbitant. I mean, they're just made out of plastic/silicon/glass and cost more than 3 and 1/2 books! After 30 minutes, we walked out of there without purchasing any protective covers. Also, I never knew my brother was fickle-minded.

Upon reaching home, we found out that there was a power outage. Finally, it came back on in the evening. I spent about an hour and a half typing the public speaking prepared speech but didn't even reach the targeted amount of words -1400. I had only written >1200. Now, I've got to memorise the entire speech. And on Wednesday, I've got to recite it in front of a lot of people. And after that, I'll pass out.

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