Ceaseless Chess

Today, I had frustratingly observed the game of chess. It was my first time watching a real and live chess game right in front of my eyes. It seems to be an unceasing game. Each player took at least 5 minutes to make the next move. A lot of thinking and (failed) mind-reading were involved. Chess, to me, is the antithesis of checkers, which usually ends in 5 minutes.

I admit that I don't, in fact, know how to play chess. I learnt how to today. I mean, I was briefed about how the pieces move. OK -I still don't really know how to play it yet.

The two players I had watched took up the whole Chess Club meet time and hadn't even finished the game when it was time to go. The game had lasted for over an hour and it wasn't even over.

I was waiting to hear checkmate. It didn't happen. All I heard was check; about 5 times.


Danny said...

I really like the game of chess. In eighth grade, I was in a class chess tournament. I made it to the finals. Being from the losers bracket, I had lost an earlier game, I needed to win two games while my opponent needed to win one. I won the first game, and we started another game. I was crushing my opponent, and about to win. The class ended though, and my opponent had to leave quickly.

We started another game the next day, however won this was the champion. It was during our lunch break. I was concentrating more on my lunch, and the next thing I knew, I had lost the tournament. Second place isn't bad though. The winner won a new glass chess set. I later became good friends with my opponent, and every other time I have played him I have won. I guess I shouldn't try to eat and play at the same time.

Justine said...

True. Eating and playing should never be done simultaneously, as I keep telling my brother. Ha-ha.