Blast No More

Whenever I am doing math homework at home, I usually need to listen to songs or the radio. It somehow boosts my brain calculator. So what I usually do is create a song playlist on the computer which is located at the nether end of the house and blast the speakers in order for me to be in hearing range of the songs wherever I am in the house. Of course, this perturbs many residents of the house. Namely, my mother.

Well, I am glad to say that I don't have to do that anymore -because I have finally gotten an iPod nano! Two of it arrived in the mail today -one for my brother and the other for yours truly.

I was almost dozing off when my father dropped the boxed package next to me on the bed and that was the end of my near-sleep. It is so new and stark white and free of scratches. Sweet joy!

My brother had wanted to load 1395 songs into his iPod since that was the number of songs he had on his laptop. In the end, he was only kidding and only loaded 3 songs he currently liked listening to.

I think we might have to get an incase protective cover for it before it's covered with indelible marks or scratches; which is a very likely thing.

Today marks the day we relish our new little toy.

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